Q550, Lifebook E754, E736, S761, E751, E744, S7110, E756, S710, 19V 4.22A 80W ac adapters

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Brand new fujitsu Q550, Lifebook E754, E736, S761, E751, E744, S7110, E756, S710, original laptop ac adapters

  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19V
  • Output Current: 4.22A (80W)
  • Connector: 5.5mm*2.5mm
  • Color: black
  • Warranty: 12 months
This item can replace the following models:
A11-100P3A, ADP-40MH AD, ADP-80NB A, ADP-80RB B, CA01007-0890, CA01007-0920, CA01007-0930, CA01007-0960, CP-293662-01, CP5006-11-01, CP277622-02, CP293660-02, CP311808-01, CP500611-01, CP531930-01, FJW1942N, FMV-AC312, FMV-AC314, FMV-AC315S, FMV-AC316, FMV-AC318, FMV-AC319, FMV-AC320, FMV-AC322, FMV-AC325A, FMV-AC330, FMV-AC333, FPCAC004, FPCAC004AP, FPCAC23Z, FPCAC25, FPCAC26, FPCAC26AP, FPCAC26W, FPCAC26Z, FPCAC33, FPCAC33AP, FPCAC33W, FPCAC33Y, FPCAC34, FPCAC34AP, FPCAC44, FPCAC44AP, FPCAC44W, FPCAC46, FPCAC46AP, FPCAC46W, FPCAC51, FPCAC53, FPCAC57, FPCAC57AP, FPCAC62, FPCAC62C, FPCAC62W, FPCAC88, FPCAC120AP, FPCAC159, FPCAC1132, S26113-E545-V55-01, S26391-F321-L100, S26391-F938-L630, S26391-F1106-L530, S26391-F1136-L520, S26391-F2474-L500, S26391-F2474-L600, SED80N2-19.0, SEE100P2-19.0
This item is suitable for the following models:
Amilo D6820, Amilo D8820, Biblio 4100L, Celsius H210, Celsius H230, Celsius H240, FMV-716NU3, FMV-716NU3/B, FMV-6113NA9/B, FMV-7000NA2, FMV-7160MR2, FMV-BIBLO MG70H, FMV-BIBLO MG75E, FMV-BIBLO MG75H, FMV-BIBLO MG75H/ST, FMV-BIBLO MG75S, FMV-BIBLO MR16A, FMV-BIBLO MR16A/AH, FMV-BIBLO MR16AH, FMV-BIBLO MR16B, FMV-BIBLO MX70R/W, FMV-BIBLO NB9/1600L, FMV-BIBLO NB14A, FMV-BIBLO NB14B, FMV-BIBLO NB14B/R, FMV-BIBLO NB15B, FMV-BIBLO NB15B/S, FMV-BIBLO NB15B/T, FMV-BIBLO NB16B, FMV-BIBLO NB16B/M, FMV-BIBLO NB16C, FMV-BIBLO NB16C/A, FMV-BIBLO NB16C/R, FMV-BIBLO NB16C/ST, FMV-BIBLO NB16C/T, FMV-BIBLO NB16C/V, FMV-BIBLO NB18B, FMV-BIBLO NB18C, FMV-BIBLO NB18C/A, FMV-BIBLO NB18C/T, FMV-BIBLO NB18D, FMV-BIBLO NB18D/D, FMV-BIBLO NB18D/F, FMV-BIBLO NB18D/L, FMV-BIBLO NB18D/V, FMV-BIBLO NB19D, FMV-BIBLO NB19D/D, FMV-BIBLO NB50E, FMV-BIBLO NB50G, FMV-BIBLO NB50H, FMV-BIBLO NB50J, FMV-BIBLO NB50K, FMV-BIBLO NB50KP, FMV-BIBLO NB50L, FMV-BIBLO NB50M, FMV-BIBLO NB53E, FMV-BIBLO NB55E, FMV-BIBLO NB55E/T, FMV-BIBLO NB55G, FMV-BIBLO NB55G/T, FMV-BIBLO NB55H, FMV-BIBLO NB55H/T, FMV-BIBLO NB55J, FMV-BIBLO NB55J/T, FMV-BIBLO NB55K, FMV-BIBLO NB55K/T, FMV-BIBLO NB55L, FMV-BIBLO NB55L/T, FMV-BIBLO NB55M, FMV-BIBLO NB55M/T, FMV-BIBLO NB60L/E, FMV-BIBLO NB60M/W, FMV-BIBLO NB70E, FMV-BIBLO NB70E/T, FMV-BIBLO NB70G, FMV-BIBLO NB70H/T, FMV-BIBLO NB75G, FMV-BIBLO NB75G/T, FMV-BIBLO NB75H, FMV-BIBLO NB75H/T, FMV-BIBLO NB75HAV, FMV-BIBLO NB75J, FMV-BIBLO NB75K, FMV-BIBLO NB75K/T, FMV-BIBLO NB75L, FMV-BIBLO NB75L/T, FMV-BIBLO NB75L/TS, FMV-BIBLO NB75M, FMV-BIBLO NB75M/T, FMV-BIBLO NB75M/TS, FMV-BIBLO NB75MN, FMV-BIBLO NB75MN/T, FMV-BIBLO NB80J, FMV-BIBLO NB80K, FMV-BIBLO NB90J/T, FMV-BIBLO NB90J/TS, FMV-BIBLO NB90K/T, FMV-BIBLO NB90K/TS, FMV-BIBLO NB90L/W, FMV-BIBLO NB90M/W, FMV-BIBLO NB90MN/W, FMV-BIBLO NE3/43E, FMV-BIBLO NH24C, FMV-BIBLO NH26C, FMV-BIBLO NX70L/W, FMV-BIBLO NX90L/W, FMV-BIBLO NX90M/W, FMV-BIBLO NX90MN/W, FMV-BIBLO NX90R/W, FMV-BIBLO RS18D, FMV-BIBLO RS18D/D, FMV-BIBLO RS18D/ST, FMV-BIBLO RS18D/T, FMV-BIBLO RS50E/T, FMV-BIBLO RS50G/T, FMV-BIBLO RS55E/T, FMV-Lifebook C6210, FMV-NB40M, FMV-NB60M/W, FMV-NB80M, FMV-NB90M/W, Lifebook 8010, Lifebook 8020, LifeBook A-1130, LifeBook A1010, Lifebook A3110, Lifebook A3130, LifeBook A6030, LifeBook A6110, LifeBook A6120, LifeBook A6210, LifeBook C1211, LifeBook C1211D, LifeBook C1212, LifeBook C1212D, LifeBook C1320, LifeBook C1320D, LifeBook C1320DA, LifeBook C1320DB, LifeBook C1321, LifeBook C1321D, LifeBook C1410, LifeBook C2010, LifeBook C2110, LifeBook C2111, LifeBook C2210, LifeBook C2220, LifeBook C2230, LifeBook C2240, LifeBook C2310, LifeBook C2320, LifeBook C2330, LifeBook E330, LifeBook E380, Lifebook E546, LIFEBOOK E736, Lifebook E743, LifeBook E744, LifeBook E751, LifeBook E753, Lifebook E754, LifeBook E756, Lifebook E782, LifeBook E2010, LifeBook E4010, LifeBook E4010D, LifeBook E6624, Lifebook E6634, Lifebook E6644, Lifebook E6654, Lifebook E6664, LifeBook E6666, LifeBook E7010, LifeBook E7110, LifeBook E8000, LifeBook E8000D, LifeBook E8010, LifeBook E8010D, LifeBook E8020, LifeBook E8020C, LifeBook E8020D, LifeBook E8110, LifeBook E8210, LifeBook L1010, Lifebook M1010, LifeBook M2011, LifeBook MH380, LIFEBOOK N-3000, LIFEBOOK N-3010, LIFEBOOK N-5000, LIFEBOOK N-5010, LifeBook N3400, LifeBook N3410, LifeBook N3500, LifeBook N3510, LifeBook N3511, LifeBook N3520, LifeBook N3530, LifeBook N6110, LifeBook N6210, LifeBook N6220, LIFEBOOK P770, LifeBook P3010, LifeBook P3110, LifeBook P8110, LIFEBOOK PH520, LIFEBOOK PH530, LIFEBOOK PH770, LifeBook S710, LIFEBOOK S760, LIFEBOOK S761, LifeBook S792, LifeBook S2210, LifeBook S6310, LifeBook S6311, LifeBook S6410, LifeBook S6420, LifeBook S6510, LifeBook S6520, LifeBook S7000, LifeBook S7000/D, Lifebook S7000D, LifeBook S7010, LifeBook S7010D, LifeBook S7011, LifeBook S7020, LifeBook S7020B, LifeBook S7020D, LifeBook S7020E, LifeBook S7021, LifeBook S7025, LifeBook S7110, LifeBook S7111, LIFEBOOK SH530, LifeBook SH560, LifeBook SH760, LIFEBOOK SH761, LIFEBOOK SH771, LIFEBOOK T900, LIFEBOOK T901, LifeBook T1010, LifeBook T4010, Lifebook T4010D, Lifebook T4020, LifeBook T4020A, LifeBook T4020B, LifeBook T4020D, LifeBook T4210, LifeBook T4215, LifeBook T4220, LifeBook T5010, LifeBook UH900, Lifebook V1010, LifeBook V1020, Q550, Q550LB
  • Model: 1061246-106146-2
  • 999 Units in Stock
  • Pertain to: FUJITSU Accessory

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