FPB0338S, FMVNBP247, CP721834-01, FPCBP531, PFB0338S, CP734928-01, 14.4V 51Wh batteries

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Brand new FPB0338S, FMVNBP247, CP721834-01, FPCBP531, PFB0338S, CP734928-01, original 4 cells laptop batteries

  • Voltage: 14.4V
  • Capacity: 3490mAh (51Wh)
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Color: black
  • Warranty: 12 months
This item can replace the following models:
CP721834-01, CP734928-01, FMVNBP247, FMVNBP248, FPB0338S, FPBO338S, FPCBP529, FPCBP529AP, FPCBP531, FPCBP531AP, PFB0338S
This item is suitable for the following models:
LifeBook E448, LifeBook E448-E4480M33SOGB, LifeBook E448-E4480M33SONC, LifeBook E448-E4480M35ROGB, LifeBook E448-E4480M35SOGB, LifeBook E448-E4480M35SOIT, LifeBook E448-E4480M35SONC, LifeBook E448-E4480M35SOPT, LifeBook E448-E4480M37SBPT, LifeBook E448-E4480M45SOES, LifeBook E448-E4480M47SBES, LifeBook E448-E4480M131HFR, LifeBook E448-E4480M151HFR, LifeBook E448-E4480MP581DE, Lifebook E449, Lifebook E449-E4490M0002RU, Lifebook E449-E4490M0003GB, Lifebook E449-E4490M0004GB, Lifebook E449-E4490M330SGB, Lifebook E449-E4490M330SNC, Lifebook E449-E4490M350SGB, Lifebook E449-E4490M350SNC, Lifebook E449-E4490M350SNL, Lifebook E449-E4490M350SPT, Lifebook E449-E4490M351SGB, Lifebook E449-E4490M370SPT, Lifebook E449-E4490M450SIT, Lifebook E449-E4490M470SGB, Lifebook E449-E4490M470SIT, Lifebook E449-E4490MC5FMGB, Lifebook E449-E4490MP580DE, LifeBook E458, LifeBook E458-E4580M33HOGB, LifeBook E458-E4580M33SOIT, LifeBook E458-E4580M33SONC, LifeBook E458-E4580M35HOGB, LifeBook E458-E4580M35SBPT, LifeBook E458-E4580M35SOBE, LifeBook E458-E4580M35SOGB, LifeBook E458-E4580M35SONC, LifeBook E458-E4580M35TOBE, LifeBook E458-E4580M35TOIT, LifeBook E458-E4580M37SBPT, LifeBook E458-E4580M45SOES, LifeBook E458-E4580M131FNC, LifeBook E458-E4580M131HFR, LifeBook E458-E4580M151FLU, LifeBook E458-E4580M151HFR, LifeBook E458-E4580M152FLU, LifeBook E458-E4580M351OGB, LifeBook E458-E4580MP380CH, LifeBook E458-E4580MP380DE, LifeBook E458-E4580MP580CH, LifeBook E458-E4580MP580DE, LifeBook E458-E4580MP581CH, LifeBook E458-E4580MP581DE, LifeBook E458-E4580MP582DE, LifeBook E458-E4580MP780CH, LifeBook E458-E4580MP780DE, LifeBook E458-E4580MP790CH, LifeBook E458-E4580MP790DE, LifeBook E458-E5480MP580DE, LifeBook E458-E5480MP581DE, Lifebook E459, Lifebook E459-E4590M0003RU, Lifebook E459-E4590M13A0NL, Lifebook E459-E4590M330SNC, Lifebook E459-E4590M350SGB, Lifebook E459-E4590M350SNC, Lifebook E459-E4590M350SNL, Lifebook E459-E4590M350SPT, Lifebook E459-E4590M351SGB, Lifebook E459-E4590M370SPT, Lifebook E459-E4590M430SIT, Lifebook E459-E4590M450SBE, Lifebook E459-E4590M450SFR, Lifebook E459-E4590M450SIT, Lifebook E459-E4590M451SLU, Lifebook E459-E4590M470SBE, Lifebook E459-E4590M470SIT, Lifebook E459-E4590M471SLU, Lifebook E459-E4590MC3AMDE, Lifebook E459-E4590MC5SMDE, Lifebook E459-E4590MP580CH, Lifebook E459-E4590MP580DE, Lifebook E459-E4590MP581DE, Lifebook E459-E4590MP790CH, Lifebook E459-E4590MP790DE, LifeBook E548, Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M0002RU), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M35MOGB), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M35NOGB), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M35SOIT), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M35SONC), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M37LOGB), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M37SBIT), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M45SOES), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M47SBES), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M131HFR), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M151HFR), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M171FPT), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M171SNC), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M251FFR), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M251FNL), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M251FPT), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M271FPT), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M4311NL), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M4511NL), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480MP580CH), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480MP580DE), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480MP581DE), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480MP582CH), LifeBook E549, Lifebook E549(VFY E5490M0001RU), Lifebook E549(VFY E5490M150SNL), Lifebook E549(VFY E5490M151FFR), Lifebook E549(VFY E5490M151FGB), Lifebook E549(VFY E5490M151FPT), Lifebook E549(VFY E5490M171FPT), Lifebook E549(VFY E5490M252HES), Lifebook E549(VFY E5490M450SHU), Lifebook E549(VFY E5490M450SIT), Lifebook E549(VFY E5490M450SNC), Lifebook E549(VFY E5490M451SHU), Lifebook E549(VFY E5490M451SNC), Lifebook E549(VFY E5490M470SIT), Lifebook E549(VFY E5490MP580CH), Lifebook E549(VFY E5490MP580DE), Lifebook E549(VFY E5490MP581CH), Lifebook E549(VFY E5490MP581DE), Lifebook E549(VFY E5490MP590CH), Lifebook E549(VFY E5490MP590DE), LifeBook E558, Lifebook E558 E5580M0001RU, Lifebook E558 E5580M33HOFR, Lifebook E558 E5580M35FOGB, Lifebook E558 E5580M35HOFR, Lifebook E558 E5580M35LOGB, 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VFY U7410M15A0DE, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410M15A0IT, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410M15A0NL, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410M17A0NL, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410M17A1IT, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410M17A2IT, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410M151FHU, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410M152FHU, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410M171FHU, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410M451FGB, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410M471FGB, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410M472FGB, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410MC5AMCH, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410MC5BMCH, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410MC5CMCH, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410MC5DMCH, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410MC5GMFR, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410MC5GMPT, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410MC5INNC, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410MC5JNNC, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410MC5KNNC, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410MC7EMCH, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410MC7FMCH, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410MC7FNNC, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410MC7LNNC, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410MR5AMDE, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410MR5CMDE, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410MR7FMDE, Lifebook U7410(VFY U7410MC5AMDE), Lifebook U7410(VFY U7410MC5BMDE), Lifebook U7410(VFY 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  • Model: 1004888-100146-1
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  • Pertain to: FUJITSU Accessory

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