FMVNBP231, FMVNBP229A, FMVNBP234, FPCBP405, FPCBP434, FMVNBP227A, 10.8V 24Wh batteries

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Brand new FMVNBP231, FMVNBP229A, FMVNBP234, FPCBP405, FPCBP434, FMVNBP227A, 3 cells laptop batteries

  • Voltage: 10.8V
  • Capacity: 2100mAh (24Wh)
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Color: black
  • Warranty: 12 months
This item can replace the following models:
For Fujitsu
02A-Z16062300, 1544-3531, 34045888, 34046616, 34046759, 38035305, 38035306, 38037479, 38039797, 38039798, 38039799, 38039800, 38041041, 38045976, 38045977, 38045978, 38046029, 38046627, BPS229, BPS231, CP629458, CP629458-03, CP629460, CP629842-XX, CP629843-XX, CP633658-01, CP645580-01, CP651527-01, CP651527-XX, CP651529-01, CP651529-XX, CP651576-01, CP655594-01, CP655960-01, CP655961-01, CP656337-01, CP656337-XX, CP656338-XX, CP656339-01, CP656339-XX, CP656340-01, CP656340-XX, CP656351-02, CP656422-01, CP671396-01, CP671396-XX, CP671397-01, CP671397-XX, CP671398-01, CP671398-XX, CP673634-01, CP674738-01, CP689462-01, CP689463-01, CP700279-XX, CP700280-01, CP700280-02, CP700280-XX, CP700281-01, CP700281-XX, CP700282-01, CP700282-02, CP700282-XX, CP700283-01, CP700283-02, CP700283-XX, CP700285-01, CP700633-01, CP701084-01, CP706313-01, CP706898-01, CP708751-01, CP708752-01, CP716939-01, CP716940-01, CP724461-01, CP753170-01, FMVNBP227, FMVNBP227A, FMVNBP228, FMVNBP229A, FMVNBP231, FMVNBP234, FMVNBP235, FPB0297S, FPB0298S, FPB0300S, FPB0301S, FPB0312S, FPB0313S, FPB0317S, FPB300S, FPBO300S, FPBO311S, FPCBC041, FPCBP246, FPCBP404, FPCBP404AP, FPCBP404BK, FPCBP404BP, FPCBP404BQ, FPCBP405, FPCBP405BK, FPCBP405Z, FPCBP416, FPCBP421BK, FPCBP421BL, FPCBP422, FPCBP422BK, FPCBP422BL, FPCBP426, FPCBP426AP, FPCBP429, FPCBP429AP, FPCBP434, FPCBP443BK, FPCBP443BP, FPCBP449, FPCBP471BP, FPCBP472DP, FPCBP491BK, FPCBP496BK, FPCBP505BK, FPCBP509BP, FPCBP526BP, S26391-F1246-E100, S26391-F1246-E200, S26391-F1246-L200, S26391-F1306-E100, S26391-F1306-L100, S26391-F1306-L200, S26391-F1316-E100, S26391-F1316-E110, S26391-F1316-E200, S26391-F1316-E210, S26391-F1316-L200, S26391-F1386-E100, S26391-F1386-L100, S26391-F1506-E100, S26391-F1516-E100, S26391-F1556-E200, S26391-F1556-L200, S26391-F2138-L200
This item is suitable for the following models:
For Fujitsu
E5460M75AODE, E5460M85CODE, E5460M85DODE, E5460M851ODE, E7340M37B1DE, E7360M85DBDE, E7360M87APDE, E7360M87BPDE, E7440M77APDE, E7440M751BDE, E7440MXE51DE, E7440MXP11DE, E7440MXP21DE, E7540M35A1DE, E7540M75ABDE, E7540M75CNDE, E7540M77APDE, E7540M77AUDE, E7540MXC51DE, E7540MXC51DE/B1, E7540MXEC1DE, E7540MXP11DE, E7540MXP21DE, E7540MXU21DE, E7560M85BBDE, E7560M85CNDE, E7560M87BPDE, E7560M87CPDE, E7560MP5CBDE, E7560MP5CNDE, E7560MP5DBDE, LifeBook A357, Lifebook A357-A3570MP300DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MP333DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MP340DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MP380DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MP500DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MP502DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MP555DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MP580DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MP590DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MP591DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH01DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH02DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH03DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH04DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH06DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH11DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH13DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH15DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH20DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH21DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH22DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH23DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH24DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH60DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH61DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH62DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH63DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH64DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH65DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH66DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH67DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH68DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH69DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH70DE, LifeBook A514, LifeBook A514(VFY A5140M43BONC), LifeBook A514(VFY A5140M53A5PL), LifeBook A514(VFY A5140M53S5HU), LifeBook A514(VFY A5140M430CCZ), LifeBook A514(VFY A5140M430CGB), LifeBook A514(VFY A5140M430ODE), LifeBook A514-A5140M43BONC, LifeBook A514-A5140M53A5PL, LifeBook A514-A5140M53S5HU, LifeBook A514-A5140M63SODE, LifeBook A514-A5140M73AODE, LifeBook A514-A5140M430CCZ, LifeBook A514-A5140M430CGB, LifeBook A514-A5140M430ODE, LifeBook A514-A5140M730ODE, LifeBook A514-A5140M732ODE, LifeBook A544, LifeBook A544(M13A1DE), LifeBook A544(M15B7DE), LifeBook A544(M75A1NC), LifeBook A544(M75A2GB), LifeBook A544(M87A5RU), LifeBook A544(M7321NC), LifeBook A544(M7501DE), LifeBook A544(M7501FR), LifeBook A544(M7501GB), LifeBook A544-A5440M13A1DE, LifeBook A544-A5440M15B7DE, LifeBook A544-A5440M75A1NC, LifeBook A544-A5440M75A2GB, LifeBook A544-A5440M87A5RU, LifeBook A544-A5440M2501DE, LifeBook A544-A5440M2511DE, LifeBook A544-A5440M7321NC, LifeBook A544-A5440M7501DE, LifeBook A544-A5440M7501FR, LifeBook A544-A5440M7501GB, Lifebook A555, LifeBook A555 GFX-A5550M75BODE, LifeBook A555 GFX-A5550M75CODE, LifeBook A555 GFX-A5550MP102DE, LifeBook A555-A555M45AODE, LifeBook A555-A5550M45A5DE, LifeBook A555-A5550M45AODE, LifeBook A555-A5550M45AOFR, LifeBook A555-A5550M73ACDE, LifeBook A555-A5550M83A5DE, LifeBook A555-A5550M450ODE, LifeBook A555-A5550M454ODE, LifeBook A555-A5550M730ODE, LifeBook A555-A5550M732ODE, LifeBook A555-A5550M750ODE, LifeBook A555-A5550MP101DE, LifeBook A555-A5550MPH31DE, LifeBook A555-P80JDE, LifeBook A555-P80JDE-A5550MP80JDE, LifeBook A555/G, LifeBook A555/G-A5550M45B5BG, LifeBook A555/G-A5550M45BODE, LifeBook A555/G-A5550M45GCRU, LifeBook A555/G-A5550M55BBCZ, LifeBook A555/G-A5550M454ODE, LifeBook A557, Lifebook A557(VFY A5570MP000DE), Lifebook A557(VFY A5570MP001DE), Lifebook A557(VFY A5570MP003DE), Lifebook A557(VFY A5570MP500DE), Lifebook A557(VFY A5570MPF52DE), Lifebook A557(VFY A5570MPH02DE), Lifebook A557-A5570M27ABGB), Lifebook A557-A5570MP000DE), Lifebook A557-A5570MP001DE), Lifebook A557-A5570MP002DE), Lifebook A557-A5570MP003DE), Lifebook A557-A5570MP500DE), Lifebook A557-A5570MP502DE), Lifebook A557-A5570MP580DE), Lifebook A557-A5570MPF52DE), Lifebook A557-A5570MPH02DE), Lifebook A564, LIFEBOOK A6230, LifeBook AH544, LifeBook AH544(M63A2CZ), LifeBook AH544(M63A5RU), LifeBook AH544(VFY AH544M15A1DE), LifeBook AH544(VFY AH544M25A1DE), LifeBook AH544(VFY AH544M27A2DE), LifeBook AH544-A5440M63A5RU, LifeBook AH544-AH544M63A2CZ, LifeBook AH544/G32, LifeBook AH564, LifeBook AH564(M75A1BE), LifeBook AH564(M75A1FR), LifeBook AH564(M75A1NC), LifeBook AH564(M7512DE), LifeBook AH564(M7712GB), Lifebook BH531, Lifebook BH531LB, LifeBook E78, Lifebook E544, LifeBook E544(M25A1DE), LifeBook E544(M2301DE), LifeBook E544(M2501DE), LifeBook E544(M2551DE), LifeBook E544-E5440M13SODE, LifeBook E544-E5440M25A1DE, LifeBook E544-E5440M2301DE, LifeBook E544-E5440M2501DE, LifeBook E544-E5440M2551DE, LifeBook E544-E5440MP5ABDE, Lifebook E546, LifeBook E546-E5460M75AODE, LifeBook E546-E5460M85CODE, LifeBook E546-E5460M85DODE, LifeBook E546-E5460M851ODE, Lifebook E547, Lifebook E547(VFY E5470MP380DE), Lifebook E547(VFY E5470MP500DE), Lifebook E547(VFY E5470MP580DE), LifeBook E554, LifeBook E554(VFY E5540M13SODE), LifeBook E554(VFY E5540M15B1DE), LifeBook E554(VFY E5540M15B1GB), LifeBook E554(VFY E5540M25A1DE), LifeBook E554(VFY E5540M47APDE), LifeBook E554(VFY E5540M63SBDE), LifeBook E554(VFY E5540M65SBDE), LifeBook E554(VFY E5540M73AODE), LifeBook E554(VFY E5540M73BODE), LifeBook E554(VFY E5540M75DODE), LifeBook E554(VFY E5540M75EODE), LifeBook E554(VFY E5540M75FODE), LifeBook E554(VFY E5540M77APDE), LifeBook E554(VFY E5540M750ODE), LifeBook E554(VFY E5540M2301DE), LifeBook E554(VFY E5540M2501BE), LifeBook E554(VFY E5540M2501DE), LifeBook E554(VFY E5540M2551DE), LifeBook E554(VFY E5540MP15JDE), LifeBook E554-E5440M75EODE, LifeBook E554-E5440M75FODE, LifeBook E554-E5440M750ODE, LifeBook E556, LifeBook E556(VFY E5560M73AOCZ), LifeBook E556(VFY E5560M75A5HU), LifeBook E556(VFY E5560M75AODE), LifeBook E556(VFY E5560M75AONL), LifeBook E556(VFY E5560M75BONC), LifeBook E556(VFY E5560M77AOCZ), LifeBook E556(VFY E5560M85CODE), LifeBook E556(VFY E5560M85DODE), LifeBook E556(VFY E5560M87APDE), LifeBook E556(VFY E5560M87BPDE), LifeBook E556(VFY E5560M730OIT), LifeBook E556(VFY E5560M752OGB), LifeBook E556(VFY E5560M851ODE), LifeBook E556(VFY E5560MP5BBDE), Lifebook E557, Lifebook E557(VFY E5570MP380DE), Lifebook E557(VFY E5570MP500DE), Lifebook E557(VFY E5570MP570DE), Lifebook E557(VFY E5570MP580DE), Lifebook E557(VFY E5570MP780DE), Lifebook E557(VFY E5570MP781DE), Lifebook E557(VFY E5570MPH00DE), Lifebook E557(VFY E5570MPH01DE), Lifebook E557(VFY E5570MPH02DE), Lifebook E557(VFY E5570MPH04DE), Lifebook E557(VFY E5570MPH05DE), Lifebook E733, LifeBook E733 Celsius H710, LifeBook E733(M55A1DE), LifeBook E733(MXE11DE), LifeBook E733(MXP41DE), Lifebook E734, LifeBook E734(VFY E7340M37B1DE), LifeBook E734(VFY E7340M75ABDE), LifeBook E734(VFY E7340M77APDE), LifeBook E734(VFY E7340MXE51DE), LIFEBOOK E736, LifeBook E736(VFY E7360M85DBDE), LifeBook E736(VFY E7360M87APDE), LifeBook E736(VFY E7360M87BPDE), LifeBook E736(VFY E7360MPH01DE), LifeBook E743, LifeBook E743(M55A1DE), LifeBook E743(MXE11DE), LifeBook E743(MXP41DE), Lifebook E744, LifeBook E744(E7440M8501DE), LifeBook E744(M8501DE), LifeBook E744(MXEA1DE), LifeBook E744(MXP11DE), LifeBook E744(VFY E7440M77APDE), LifeBook E744(VFY E7440M751BDE), LifeBook E744(VFY E7440MXE51DE), LifeBook E744(VFY E7440MXP11DE), LifeBook E744(VFY E7440MXP21DE), LifeBook E746, LifeBook E746(VFY E7460M85DBDE), LifeBook E746(VFY E7460M87APDE), LifeBook E746(VFY E7460M87BPDE), LifeBook E751, LifeBook E752, LifeBook E753, LifeBook E753(M55A1DE), LifeBook E753(MXDEMDE), LifeBook E753(MXE11DE), LifeBook E753(MXP41DE), LifeBook E754, LifeBook E754(VFY E7340M37B1DE), LifeBook E754(VFY E7540M35A1DE), LifeBook E754(VFY E7540M75ABDE), LifeBook E754(VFY E7540M75CNDE), LifeBook E754(VFY E7540M77APDE), LifeBook E754(VFY E7540M77AUDE), LifeBook E754(VFY E7540M8501DE), LifeBook E754(VFY E7540MXC51DE), LifeBook E754(VFY E7540MXC51DE/B1), LifeBook E754(VFY E7540MXEC1DE), LifeBook E754(VFY E7540MXP11DE), LifeBook E754(VFY E7540MXP21DE), LifeBook E754(VFY E7540MXU11DE), LifeBook E754(VFY E7540MXU21DE), LifeBook E756, LifeBook E756(VFY E7560M85BBDE), LifeBook E756(VFY E7560M85CNDE), LifeBook E756(VFY E7560M85SBCH), LifeBook E756(VFY E7560M85SPCH), LifeBook E756(VFY E7560M87BPDE), LifeBook E756(VFY E7560M87CPDE), LifeBook E756(VFY E7560MP5CBDE), LifeBook E756(VFY E7560MP5CNDE), LifeBook E756(VFY E7560MP5DBDE), LifeBook E756(VFY E7560MPH01DE), LifeBook E780, Lifebook E781, Lifebook E782, LifeBook E5460, LifeBook E7340, LifeBook E7360, LifeBook E7440, LifeBook E7540, LifeBook E7540M, LifeBook E7560, Lifebook LH531, Lifebook LH532, LifeBook LH772, Lifebook N532, Lifebook P702, LIFEBOOK P772, LifeBook PH520, LifeBook PH530, LifeBook S751, Lifebook S752, LifeBook S760, LifeBook S761, Lifebook S781, LifeBook S792, LifeBook S904, LifeBook S904(VFY S9040M25A1DE), LifeBook S904(VFY S9040M25A1DE/B1), LifeBook S904(VFY S9040M7551DE/S1), LifeBook S904(VFY S9040MXE11NL), LifeBook S904(VFY S9040MXPA1DE), LifeBook S904(VFY S9040MXPA1DE/S1), Lifebook S935, LifeBook S935(VFY S9350M45ABGB), LifeBook S935(VFY S9350M47APDE), LifeBook S935(VFY S9350M47BPDE), LifeBook S935(VFY S9350M451BDE), LifeBook S935(VFY S9350M751BDE), Lifebook S936, LifeBook S936(VFY S9360M85ABDE), LifeBook S936(VFY S9360M87APDE), LifeBook S936(VFY S9360M87BPDE), Lifebook S937, Lifebook S937(VFY S9370MP580DE), Lifebook S937(VFY S9370MP760DE), Lifebook S937-P580DE, Lifebook S937-P760DE, Lifebook S938, Lifebook S938(S26391-K460-V100), Lifebook S938(VFY S9380MP580), Lifebook S938(VFY S9380MP580DE), Lifebook S938(VFY S9380MP780DE), Lifebook SH531, LifeBook SH732, LifeBook SH762, LIFEBOOK SH904, LifeBook T904 Convertible, LifeBook U554SW9, Lifeboook E546, Stylistic Q550 Oak Trail Tablet/MID, Stylistic Q550LB, Stylistic Q572, Stylistic Q572-W7D-001, Stylistic Q572-W8-001, Stylistic Q572/G, Stylistic Q702 Convertible
  • Model: 1003657-100146-1
  • 981 Units in Stock
  • Pertain to: FUJITSU Accessory

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