FARQ55S, FPCBP415, FPBO310, CP678530-01, FPB0310, CA54310-0048, 3.9V 38Wh batteries

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We purchased for battery replacement of "Fujitsu Arrows tab F-02F (model released by docomo in Japan in November 2013)".

Since it is a model that has already ended support in Japan, I was looking for an alternative battery, but I found one that seems to be the same type on this site.
It was not for F-02F, but the shape standard and voltage value are exactly the same.
The Wh value and Ah value were slightly different, but they were close, so I bought it.

As a result, the exchange was successful and the F-02F could be used without any problems.

In conclusion, it can be used as a replacement battery for "Fujitsu Arrows tab F-02F".

Thanks for this site!
Thank you!
Date Added: 06/21/2020 by 智進 畑
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