ThinkPad X240, T450s, T450(20BVA016CD), T450(20BVA00YCD), T450(20BVA01HCD), 10.8V 48Wh batteries

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Brand new lenovo ThinkPad X240, T450s, T450(20BVA016CD), T450(20BVA00YCD), T450(20BVA01HCD), replacement 6 cells laptop batteries

  • Voltage: 10.8V
  • Capacity: 4400mAh (48Wh)
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Color: black
  • Warranty: 12 months
This item can replace the following models:
0C52861, 0C52862, 00HW033, 00HW034, 3icp7/38/65, 5B10G09007, 5B10G10726, 45N1124, 45N1125, 45N1126, 45N1127, 45N1128, 45N1129, 45N1130, 45N1131, 45N1132, 45N1133, 45N1134, 45N1135, 45N1136, 45N1137, 45N1160, 45N1734, 45N1735, 45N1736, 45N1737, 45N1738, 45N1767, 45N1777, 121500146, 121500147, 121500148, 121500150, 121500152, 121500186, 121500211, 121500212, 121500213, 121500214, ASM 45N1124, ASM 45N1126, ASM 45N1128, ASM 45N1132, FRU 45N1125, FRU 45N1127, FRU 45N1133, FRU 45N1134, L12L3P53, L12M6Z53, L14M6F01, L14S6F01, SB10F46471, SB10F46472
This item is suitable for the following models:
K21-80, K21-80-IFI, K21-80-ISE, K21-80-ITH, K2450, K2450-ISE, T460P-0HCD, T460P-0JCD, T460P-0NCD, T460P-0PCD, T460P-0TCD, T460P-0VCD, T460P-0WCD, T460P-0XCD, T460P-2UCD, ThinkPad K2450, ThinkPad L450, ThinkPad L450 20DS0000, ThinkPad L450 20DS0005, ThinkPad L450 20DS0010, ThinkPad L450 20DSA01YCD, ThinkPad L450 20DT0000, ThinkPad L450(20DS), ThinkPad L450(20DS0001GE), ThinkPad L450(20DSA01YCD), ThinkPad L450(20DSA02JCD), ThinkPad L450(20DSA02MCD), ThinkPad L450(20DSA02RCD), ThinkPad L450(20DSA03DCD), ThinkPad L450(20DSA061CD), ThinkPad L450(20DSA063CD), ThinkPad L450(20DSA065CD), ThinkPad L450(20DSA07ACD), ThinkPad L450(20DSA078CD), ThinkPad L450(20DSA079CD), ThinkPad L450(20DSS0B100), ThinkPad L450(20DSS00B00), ThinkPad L450(20DT), ThinkPad L450(20DT0000GE), ThinkPad L450(20DT0003GE), ThinkPad L450(20DT001NGE), ThinkPad L450(20DT001TGE), ThinkPad L450(20DT001UGE), ThinkPad L450S, ThinkPad L460, ThinkPad L460 20FU000, ThinkPad L460(20FU), ThinkPad L460(20FU001JGE), ThinkPad L460(20FU001LGE), ThinkPad L460(20FU001QGE), ThinkPad L460(20FV), ThinkPad L460(20FV-S014), ThinkPad L460(20FV-S015), ThinkPad L460(20FVS01400), ThinkPad L470, ThinkPad L470(20J4/20J5), ThinkPad L470(20J5S00C00), ThinkPad L470(20J4000KGE), ThinkPad L470(20J4000WGE), ThinkPad L470(20JU/20JV), ThinkPad L470(20JU000DUS), ThinkPad L470(20JU000SGE), ThinkPad L470(20JU000SMZ), ThinkPad L470(20JVS09R0M), THINKPAD P50S, ThinkPad P50s(20FL000DGE), ThinkPad P50s(20FL000EGE), ThinkPad Series, Thinkpad T440, ThinkPad T440 20B6, ThinkPad T440 20B6A01XAU, ThinkPad T440 20B6A05XAU, ThinkPad T440 20B6S04X00, ThinkPad T440 20B7, ThinkPad T440 20B7A0DDAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7A0EHAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7A0L4NZ, ThinkPad T440 20B7A0MM00, ThinkPad T440 20B7A02FAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7A02GAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7A05C00, ThinkPad T440 20B7A05D00, ThinkPad T440 20B7A06AAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7A069AU, ThinkPad T440 20B7A080AU, ThinkPad T440 20B7A1DFAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7A1FXAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7A1JPAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7A1K900, ThinkPad T440 20B7S0FG04, ThinkPad T440 20B7S0GD0N, ThinkPad T440 20B7S0JC0Y, ThinkPad T440 20B7S0JQ0Q, ThinkPad T440 20B7S0L90T, ThinkPad T440 20B7S0LF00, ThinkPad T440 20B7S0MH1Q, ThinkPad T440 20B7S0MH15, ThinkPad T440 20B7S0NL07, ThinkPad T440 20B7S0PM0U, ThinkPad T440 20B7S0R40R, ThinkPad T440 20B7S0TY0H, ThinkPad T440 20B7S0WU06, ThinkPad T440 20B7S1AA0R, ThinkPad T440 20B7S1J106, ThinkPad T440 20B7S1K40X, ThinkPad T440 20B7S1PC00, ThinkPad T440 20B7S1PD0K, ThinkPad T440 20B7S1PV0C, ThinkPad T440 20B7S1Q905, ThinkPad T440 20B7S1SU0A, ThinkPad T440 20B7S1X10Y, ThinkPad T440 20B7S2UK02, ThinkPad T440 20B7S2VV0E, ThinkPad T440 20B7S3EL03, ThinkPad T440 20B7S3SC00, ThinkPad T440 20B7S3X700, ThinkPad T440 20B7S4BF01, ThinkPad T440 20B7S16R0T, ThinkPad T440 20B7S16X0N, ThinkPad T440 20B7S17E0H, ThinkPad T440 20B7S20D00, ThinkPad T440 20B7S20K0G, ThinkPad T440 20B7S19304, ThinkPad T440 20B7S37200, ThinkPad T440 20B7Z03TUS, ThinkPad T440 20B6002, ThinkPad T440 20B6005, ThinkPad T440 20B6006, ThinkPad T440 20B6007, ThinkPad T440 20B6008, ThinkPad T440 20B6009, ThinkPad T440 20B7000BAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7001AAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7001CAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7001GAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7001JAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7001KAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7001LAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7001MAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7003AAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7003CAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7004, ThinkPad T440 20B7005, ThinkPad T440 20B7005DAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7005KAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7005MAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7005NAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7006, ThinkPad T440 20B7006AAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7008UAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7008VAU, ThinkPad T440 20B7008XAU, ThinkPad T440 20B70009AU, ThinkPad T440 20B70017AU, ThinkPad T440 20B70018AU, ThinkPad T440 20B70019AU, ThinkPad T440 20B70039AU, ThinkPad T440 20B70057AU, ThinkPad T440 20B70063AU, ThinkPad T440 20B70064AU, ThinkPad T440 20B70067AU, ThinkPad T440 6005, ThinkPad T440 7000, THINKPAD T440 T, THINKPAD T440 T(TYPE 20B6), THINKPAD T440 T(TYPE 20B7), ThinkPad T440(20B7S0LF1G), ThinkPad T440(20B7S1C600), ThinkPad T440(20B7S4NT07), ThinkPad T440(20B7S4NU), ThinkPad T440(20B7S4NU07), ThinkPad T440(20B7S4NV01), ThinkPad T440(20B7S4NV07), ThinkPad T440(20B7000QUS), ThinkPad T440(20B60061GE), ThinkPad T440I, ThinkPad T440s, ThinkPad T440s(20AQ001FCD), ThinkPad T440s(20AQ0023CD), ThinkPad T440s(20AQ0024CD), ThinkPad T440s(20AQ0025CD), ThinkPad T440s(20AQ0026CD), ThinkPad T440s(20AQ0031CD), ThinkPad T440s(20AQ0062GE), ThinkPad T440s(20AQ0064GE), ThinkPad T440s(20AQ0069GE), ThinkPad T440s(20AQA0C5CD), ThinkPad T440s(20AQA09GCD), ThinkPad T440s(20AQA09HCD), ThinkPad T440s(20AQA09KCD), ThinkPad T440s(20AQS01000), ThinkPad T440s(20AQS01100), ThinkPad T440s(20AQS01200), ThinkPad T440s(20AQS01300), ThinkPad T440s(20AQS01400), ThinkPad T440s(20AR), ThinkPad T440s(20AR001ACD), ThinkPad T440s(20AR001JCD), ThinkPad T440s(20AR0017CD), ThinkPad T440s(20ARA0QHCD), ThinkPad T440s(20ARA0QJCD), ThinkPad T440s(20ARS0JM00), ThinkPad T440s(20ARS1Y002), ThinkPad T440s(20ARS4U402), ThinkPad T440s(20ARS4U405), ThinkPad T440s(20ARS23X0A), ThinkPad T440s(20ARS11402), ThinkPad T440s(20ARS152001), ThinkPad T440s-20ARCTO1WW, ThinkPad T440s 20AQ, ThinkPad T440s 20AQ-S00500, ThinkPad T440s 20AQ000BAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AQ000CAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AQ000DAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AQ000FAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AQ000GAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AQ000HAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AQ000JAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AQ000LAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AQ000MAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AQ000NAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AQ0004AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AQ0005AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AQ0006AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AQ0007AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AQ0009AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AQ0022AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AQ008PAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR000, ThinkPad T440s 20AR000MAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR000NAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR000PAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR000QAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR000RAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR000SAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR000TAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR000UAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR000VAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR000WAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR000XAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR000YAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0000AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0004AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR001AAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR001BAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR001CAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR001DAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR001EAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR001FAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR001GAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR001HAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR001LAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR001QAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR001RAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR001SAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR001TAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR001UAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR001VAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR001WAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0010, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0010AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0011AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0012AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0014AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0015AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0016AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0017AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0018AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0019AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR002LAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR002NAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR002PAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR002QAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR002RAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR002SAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR002TAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR002UAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR002VAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR002YAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR003FAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR003GAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR003LAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR003MAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR003TAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR003UAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR003VAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR003WAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR003XAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR003YAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0030AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR004AAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR004JAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR004KAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR004LAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR004MAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR004NAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR004RAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR004SAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR004VAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR004WAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR004YAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0040, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0040AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0042AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0043AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0044AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0045AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0046AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0047AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0048AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0049AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR005AAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR005JAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR005KAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR005LAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR005MAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR005NAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR005PAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR005QAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0051AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0052AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0053AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0054AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0055AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0056AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0057AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0058AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR0059AU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR006RAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR006SAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR006TAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR006UAU, ThinkPad T440s 20AR007BAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA0BBAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA0G7AU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA0G8AU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA0KANZ, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA0L300, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA0LJAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA0MYAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA0N8AU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA0PPAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA0Q4AU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA0Q5AU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA0S5AU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA0UGAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA0WYAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA0YMAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA01J00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA011AU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA019AU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA02BAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA02KAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA03CAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA044AU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA056AU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA072AU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA077AU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA08PAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA09TAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA1DQAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA1EWAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA1J2AU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA1JMAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA1QXAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA1RAAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA1RBAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA1USAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA1V6AU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA1YRAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA10DAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA10EAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA10YAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA13LAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA14LAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA14MAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA16BAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA20QAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA21BAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA21E00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA21JAU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA115AU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARA177AU, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0AS1F, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0B106, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0BE02, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0BF15, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0C103, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0CE0H, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0CN0U, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0CY00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0DN01, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0FJ09, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0HS0F, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0JF09, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0K009, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0K309, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0KB02, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0L00A, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0LU01, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0R10B, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0SY0K, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0TJ0H, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0VE0J, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0VG0V, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0VG19, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0X800, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0XD04, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0XY0K, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0YB01, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0YC0Q, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0YN06, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0100G, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS0210K, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS05800, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS05900, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS07W0S, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS08M00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS08N00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS1BK08, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS1CU0V, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS1DD0B, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS1DG0T, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS1P706, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS1V20M, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS1VB00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS1XT00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS2AM01, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS2D000, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS2F500, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS2H102, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS2MG04, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS2ML00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS2PP00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS2QA01, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS2QJ00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS2XW00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS2YE00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS3BY00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS3GV00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS3H700, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS3K300, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS3KF0E, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS3M900, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS3MV00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS3QJ00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS3Y300, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS4FN03, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS4H300, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS4PG00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS10P0D, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS10W08, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS12C0M, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS14S09, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS14T18, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS15H0Y, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS15J10, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS16Y04, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS17G0K, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS18D0B, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS19E00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS21Q0F, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS21X0S, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS22D09, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS22V00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS24M00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS24P0J, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS28C04, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS31U00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS34F01, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS41U00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS44F00, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS11200, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS15600, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS21100, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS25701, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS32000, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS46200, ThinkPad T440s 20ARS49500, ThinkPad T440s 20ARZ00WUS, ThinkPad T440s 20ARZ02BUS, ThinkPad T450, ThinkPad T450 20BU, ThinkPad T450 20BV, ThinkPad T450 20DJ, ThinkPad T450(20BU000EGE), ThinkPad T450(20BUA0RNCD), ThinkPad T450(20BUS0TB00), ThinkPad T450(20BUS09L05), ThinkPad T450(20BV000B), ThinkPad T450(20BV0005US), ThinkPad T450(20BV0006US), ThinkPad T450(20BV001CGE), ThinkPad T450(20BV001KUK), ThinkPad T450(20BV001VGE), ThinkPad T450(20BV001XMZ), ThinkPad T450(20BV003NGE), ThinkPad T450(20BV003SGE), ThinkPad T450(20BV003VGE), ThinkPad T450(20BV0033CD), ThinkPad T450(20BV004TGE), ThinkPad T450(20BVA00TCD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA00YCD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA01GCD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA01HCD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA01KCD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA01MCD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA010CD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA011CD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA012CD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA013CD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA014CD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA016CD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA017C), ThinkPad T450(20BVA017CD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA02ACD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA02NCD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA02PCD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA02QCD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA02RCD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA02SCD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA02TCD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA024CD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA03KCD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA03LCD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA03MCD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA03NCD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA03PCD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA03YCD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA043CD), ThinkPad T450(20BVA044CD), ThinkPad T450-3LCD, ThinkPad T450s, ThinkPad T450s(20BW000LCD), ThinkPad T450s(20BWS0FX02), ThinkPad T450s(20BWS03E00), ThinkPad T450s(20BWS03F00), ThinkPad T450s(20BWS05U00), ThinkPad T450s(20BWS48C00), ThinkPad T450s(20BX000TGE), ThinkPad T450s(20BX000VGE), ThinkPad T450s(20BX000XGE), ThinkPad T450s(20BX0011GE), ThinkPad T450s(20BX0013GE), ThinkPad T450s(20BX0014GE), ThinkPad T450s(20BX002TCD), ThinkPad T450s(20BX004DGE), ThinkPad T450s(20BX004QGE), ThinkPad T450s(20BX0049GE), ThinkPad T450s(20BXA00RCD), ThinkPad T450s(20BXA00SCD), ThinkPad T450s(20BXA00UCD), ThinkPad T450s(20BXA00WCD), ThinkPad T450s(20BXA00XCD), ThinkPad T450s(20BXA010CD), ThinkPad T450s(20BXA011CD), ThinkPad T450s(20BXA012CD), ThinkPad T450s(20BXA022CD), ThinkPad T450s(20BXA03CCD), ThinkPad T450s-20BWS1UT00, ThinkPad T450s 20BW, ThinkPad T450s 20BW000, ThinkPad T450s 20BWZ0CJUS, ThinkPad T450s 20BX, ThinkPad T450s 20BX00, ThinkPad T450s 20BX002BAU, ThinkPad T450s 20BX0025AU, ThinkPad T450s 20BX0027AU, ThinkPad T460, ThinkPad T460 20FM00, ThinkPad T460 20FN002, ThinkPad T460 20FN003, ThinkPad T460(20FM0034UK), ThinkPad T460(20FN003LGE), ThinkPad T460(20FN003NGE), ThinkPad T460(20FN003PGE), ThinkPad T460(20FNA01VCD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA01WCD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA01XCD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA01YCD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA02ACD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA02BCD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA02DCD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA02FCD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA02GCD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA020CD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA021CD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA022CD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA023CD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA024CD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA026CD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA027CD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA028CD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA029CD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA03DCD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA03ECD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA03YCD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA036CD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA04DCD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA040CD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA06ACD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA06CCD, ThinkPad T460(20FNA06DCD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA06ECD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA06FCD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA068CD), ThinkPad T460(20FNA069CD), ThinkPad T460P, ThinkPad T460p(20FW-000D), ThinkPad T460p(20FW000DGE), ThinkPad T460P(20FW002UCD), ThinkPad T460p(20FW003MGE), ThinkPad T460p(20FW003NGE), ThinkPad T460p(20FW004QGE), ThinkPad T460P(20FWA00HCD), ThinkPad T460P(20FWA00JCD), ThinkPad T460P(20FWA00NCD), ThinkPad T460P(20FWA00PCD), ThinkPad T460P(20FWA00TCD), ThinkPad T460P(20FWA00VCD), ThinkPad T460P(20FWA00WCD), ThinkPad T460P(20FWA00XCD), ThinkPad T460p(20FX-S0C4), ThinkPad T460p(20FX-S055), ThinkPad T460p 20FW000, ThinkPad T460p 20FW003, ThinkPad T470, ThinkPad T470p, ThinkPad T470p(20HDA01VCD), ThinkPad T470p(20J6A01CCD), ThinkPad T470p(20J6A012CD), ThinkPad T470p(20J6A018CD), ThinkPad T470p(20J6A019CD), ThinkPad T470p(20J6002YCD), ThinkPad T550, ThinkPad T550 20CJ, ThinkPad T550 20CJ0000, ThinkPad T550 20CK, ThinkPad T550 20CK0000, ThinkPad T550 20CK002, ThinkPad T550(20CJ0007RI), ThinkPad T550(20CK000VGE), ThinkPad T550(20CK0000GE), Thinkpad T550(20CK0002GE), ThinkPad T550(20CK0004GE), ThinkPad T550(20CK003EGE), ThinkPad T550(20CK003FGE), ThinkPad T550(20CK003LGE), ThinkPad T550(20CKA00DCD), ThinkPad T550(20CKA00ECD), ThinkPad T550(20CKA00FCD), ThinkPad T550(20CKA00GCD), ThinkPad T550(20CKA00HCD), ThinkPad T550(20CKA00QCD), ThinkPad T550(20CKA00TCD), ThinkPad T550(20CKA00UCD), ThinkPad T550S, THINKPAD T560, ThinkPad T560 20FH001, ThinkPad T560 20FH002, ThinkPad T560 20FJ003U, ThinkPad T560(20FH001EGE), ThinkPad T560(20FH0022GE), ThinkPad T560(20FH0039GE), ThinkPad T560(20FH 20FJ, ThinkPad T560(20FJ0023GE), ThinkPad T560(20FJS27D00), THINKPAD W550, ThinkPad W550s, ThinkPad W550s(20E1S0B700), ThinkPad W550s(20E2), ThinkPad W550s(20E1000AGE), ThinkPad W550s(20E2000PGE), ThinkPad W550s(20E2001JGE), ThinkPad W550s(20E2001PGE), ThinkPad W550s(20E20010US), ThinkPad W550s 20E1000, ThinkPad W550s 20E2000, ThinkPad W550s 20E2001, ThinkPad X240, ThinkPad X240 20AK, ThinkPad X240 20AL, ThinkPad X240 20AL00, ThinkPad X240 20AL00CNAU, ThinkPad X240 20AL00CQAU, ThinkPad X240 20AL00D, ThinkPad X240 20AL00F, ThinkPad X240 20AL000AAU, ThinkPad X240 20AL000BAU, ThinkPad X240 20AL001, ThinkPad X240 20AL0011, ThinkPad X240 20AL0012, ThinkPad X240 20AL0013, ThinkPad X240 20AL006YAU, ThinkPad X240 20AL007A, ThinkPad X240 20AL007C, ThinkPad X240 20AL007L, ThinkPad X240 20AL007N, ThinkPad X240 20AL007S, ThinkPad X240 20AL007Y, ThinkPad X240 20AL0076, ThinkPad X240 20AL008, ThinkPad X240 20AL008C, ThinkPad X240 20AL008E, ThinkPad X240 20AL008GUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL008HUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL008JUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL008KUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL008LUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL008MUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL008NUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL008PUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL008QUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL008RUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL008WUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL008XUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL008YUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL0081, ThinkPad X240 20AL009, ThinkPad X240 20AL009AUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL009BUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL009CUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL009DUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL009EUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL009FUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL009GUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL009HUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL009JUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL009KUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL009L, ThinkPad X240 20AL009N, ThinkPad X240 20AL009Q, ThinkPad X240 20AL0090US, ThinkPad X240 20AL0091US, ThinkPad X240 20AL0092US, ThinkPad X240 20AL0093US, ThinkPad X240 20AL0094US, ThinkPad X240 20AL0095US, ThinkPad X240 20AL0096US, ThinkPad X240 20AL0097US, ThinkPad X240 20AL0098US, ThinkPad X240 20AL0099US, ThinkPad X240 20ALA0KRAU, ThinkPad X240 20ALA07BAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM, ThinkPad X240 20AM00AA, ThinkPad X240 20AM000CAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM000FAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM000NAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM000PAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM0006AU, ThinkPad X240 20AM0008AU, ThinkPad X240 20AM001, ThinkPad X240 20AM001AAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM001CAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM001KAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM001QAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM001RAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM001UAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM0012AU, ThinkPad X240 20AM0014AU, ThinkPad X240 20AM003AAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM003CAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM003HAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM003PAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM003QAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM003RAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM003TAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM003UAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM003VAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM004, ThinkPad X240 20AM004LAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM004XAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM005, ThinkPad X240 20AM005CAU, ThinkPad X240 20AM006, ThinkPad X240 20AM009, ThinkPad X240 20AMA0CEAU, ThinkPad X240 20AMA0DDAU, ThinkPad X240 20AMA0JPAU, ThinkPad X240 20AMA0LTAU, ThinkPad X240 20AMA0NWAU, ThinkPad X240 20AMA000AU, ThinkPad X240 20AMA05KAU, ThinkPad X240 20AMA07AAU, ThinkPad X240 20AMA09XAU, ThinkPad X240 20AMA097AU, ThinkPad X240 20AMA1DXAU, ThinkPad X240 20AMA161AU, ThinkPad X240(20AL00BRGE), ThinkPad X240(20AL00BRPT), ThinkPad X240(20AL001GCD), ThinkPad X240(20AL001HCD), ThinkPad X240(20AL0020CD), ThinkPad X240(20AL0022CD), ThinkPad X240(20AL0024CD), ThinkPad X240(20AL007CGE), ThinkPad X240(20AL007NGE), ThinkPad X240(20AL007SGE), ThinkPad X240(20AL007YGE), ThinkPad X240(20AL0076GE), ThinkPad X240(20ALA0CQCD), ThinkPad X240(20ALA0CRCD), ThinkPad X240(20ALA0CSCD), ThinkPad X240(20ALA0CTCD), ThinkPad X240(20ALA0E4CD), ThinkPad X240(20ALA0EYCD), ThinkPad X240(20ALA0F0CD), ThinkPad X240(20ALA0F1CD), ThinkPad X240(20ALA0GVCD), ThinkPad X240(20ALA0GWCD), ThinkPad X240(20ALA0H4CD), ThinkPad X240(20ALA0H6CD), ThinkPad X240(20ALA0QKCD), ThinkPad X240(20ALS00A00), ThinkPad X240(20ALS00B00), ThinkPad X240(20ALS00D00), ThinkPad X240(20ALS00G00), ThinkPad X240(20ALS00J00), ThinkPad X240(20ALS00P00), ThinkPad X240(20ALS00Q00), ThinkPad X240(20ALS00R00), ThinkPad X240(20ALS00S00), ThinkPad X240(20ALS00T00), ThinkPad X240(20ALS02100), ThinkPad X240(20ALS03X00), ThinkPad X240(20ALS03300), ThinkPad X240(20AM001HMZ), ThinkPad X240(20AM001LCD), ThinkPad X240(20AM006LGE), ThinkPad X240(20AMA2VKCD), ThinkPad X240(20AMA2VLCD), ThinkPad X240(20AMA3A3CD), ThinkPad X240(20AMA4DJCD), ThinkPad X240(20AMA4K4CD), ThinkPad X240(20AMA4VGCD), ThinkPad X240(20AMA4W1CD), ThinkPad X240(20AMA31PCD), ThinkPad X240(20AMA37DCD), ThinkPad X240(20AMA37ECD), ThinkPad X240(20AMA38XCD), ThinkPad X240(20AMA39MCD), ThinkPad X240(20AMA53BCD), ThinkPad X240(20AMA449CD), ThinkPad X240(20AMS0BF00), ThinkPad X240(20AMS0GY00), ThinkPad X240(20AMS0KF00), ThinkPad X240(20AMS0KG00), ThinkPad X240(20AMS0W602), ThinkPad X240(20AMS1DR03), ThinkPad X240(20AMS1R700), ThinkPad X240(20AMS1UL00), ThinkPad X240(20AMS3CJ1N), ThinkPad X240(20AMS3K319), ThinkPad X240(20AMS5AB01), ThinkPad X240(20AMS5D400), ThinkPad X240(20AMS7JR00), ThinkPad X240(20AMS19B02), ThinkPad X240(20AMS25H00), ThinkPad X240(20AMS29X03), ThinkPad X240(20AMS35M0H), ThinkPad X240(20AMS36W08), THINKPAD X240(TYPE 20AL), THINKPAD X240(TYPE 20AM), ThinkPad X240s, ThinkPad X250, ThinkPad X250 20CL00A, ThinkPad X250 20CL001, ThinkPad X250 20CL0050, ThinkPad X250 20CLA0GMCD, ThinkPad X250 20CLA0KJCD, ThinkPad X250 20CLA0L8CD, ThinkPad X250 20CLA069CD, ThinkPad X250 20CLA1F3CD, ThinkPad X250 20CLA1JNCD, ThinkPad X250 20CLA144CD, ThinkPad X250 20CM001, ThinkPad X250 20CM0020, ThinkPad X250 20CM004, ThinkPad X250 20CM0050, ThinkPad X250 20CM008M, ThinkPad X250(20CL/20CM), ThinkPad X250(20CL001LCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA0MBCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA01UCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA01VCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA01WCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA01XCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA01YCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA020CD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA021CD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA06BCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA06CCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA068CD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA07NCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA07PCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA08LCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA1KXCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA1VFCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA1VGCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA2EVCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA2EWCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA2EXCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA2EYCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA2FJCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA25JCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA46UCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA108CD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA109CD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA260CD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA261CD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA262CD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA272CD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA275CD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA276CD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA278CD), ThinkPad X250(20CLS0EG0F), ThinkPad X250(20CLS06A00-U), ThinkPad X250(20CLS2DJ06), ThinkPad X250(20CLS2FD06), ThinkPad X250(20CLS2H900), ThinkPad X250(20CLS5GX00), ThinkPad X250(20CM001PGE), ThinkPad X250(20CM001RGE), ThinkPad X250(20CM001VGE), ThinkPad X250(20CM001XGE), ThinkPad X250(20CM001XUK), ThinkPad X250(20CM0020GE), ThinkPad X250(20CM004TMH), ThinkPad X250(20CM004UGE), ThinkPad X250(20CM004VGE), ThinkPad X250(20CM0050GE), ThinkPad X250(20CM0053GE), ThinkPad X250(20CMS0A800), ThinkPad X250S, ThinkPad X260, ThinkPad X260(20F5), ThinkPad X260(20F6), ThinkPad X260(20F6A000CD), ThinkPad X260(20F6A001CD), ThinkPad X260(20F6A002CD), ThinkPad X260(20F6A003CD), ThinkPad X260(20F6A004CD), ThinkPad X260(20F6A007CD), ThinkPad X260(20F6A08PCD), ThinkPad X260(20F6A08XCD), ThinkPad X260(20F6A084CD), ThinkPad X260(20F6A085CD), ThinkPad X260(20F6A09KCD), ThinkPad X260(20F6A094CD), ThinkPad X260(20F600A0GE), ThinkPad X260(20F600A1GE), ThinkPad X260(20F600A4GE), ThinkPad X260(20F6000NCD), ThinkPad X260(20F6007QGE), ThinkPad X260(20F6007RGE), ThinkPad X260(20F60041GE), ThinkPad X270, ThinkPad X270 20HN001, ThinkPad X270 20HN002, ThinkPad X270 20HN005, ThinkPad X270 20HNA002CD, ThinkPad X270 20HNA03BCD, ThinkPad X270 20HNA04BCD, ThinkPad X270 20HNA04GCD, ThinkPad X270 20HNA04HCD, ThinkPad X270 20HNA042CD, ThinkPad X270 20HNA048CD, ThinkPad X270 20K6A00GCD, ThinkPad X270 20K6A00YCD, ThinkPad X270 20K6A01HCD, ThinkPad X270 20K6A01KCD, ThinkPad X270 20K6A01LCD, ThinkPad X270 20K6A01MCD, ThinkPad X270(20HM), ThinkPad X270(20HMS1BN00), ThinkPad X270(20HMS5T800), ThinkPad X270(20HN), ThinkPad X270(20HN/20HM), ThinkPad X270(20HN0012MZ), ThinkPad X270(20HN0015GE), ThinkPad X270(20HN0016GE), ThinkPad X270(20HN0016IX), ThinkPad X270(20hn0016mx), ThinkPad X270(20HN0016MZ), ThinkPad X270(20HN0016SP), ThinkPad X270(20HN002UGE), ThinkPad X270(20HN002UMZ), ThinkPad X270(20HN004XGE), ThinkPad X270(20HN004XMD), ThinkPad X270(20K5), ThinkPad X270(20K5S2QV00), ThinkPad X270(20K6), ThinkPad X270(20K6/20K5), ThinkPad X270(20K6S0ME00), ThinkPad X270(20K6000UUS), ThinkPad X270(20K60018GE), ThinkPad X270(20K60018MZ), Touch S440, Touch S540
  • Model: 1004447-100114-2
  • 999 Units in Stock
  • Pertain to: LENOVO Accessory

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