42T4949, 42T4957, 42T4952, 3INR19/65-2, 45N1057, 42T4945, 0A36290, 11.1V 63Wh batteries

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Brand new 42T4949, 42T4957, 42T4952, 3INR19/65-2, 45N1057, 42T4945, 0A36290, 6 cells laptop batteries

  • Voltage: 11.1V
  • Capacity: 5600mAh (63Wh)
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Color: black
  • Warranty: 12 months
This item can replace the following models:
For Lenovo
0A36290, 0A36292, 3INR19/65-2, 42T4943, 42T4945, 42T4947, 42T4948, 42T4949, 42T4951, 42T4952, 42T4957, 42T4958, 42T4959, 42T4960, 42T4961, 42T4962, 45N1056, 45N1057, 45N1058, 45N1059, 45N1060, 45N1061, 45N1062, 45N1063, 45N1174, 45N1176, ASM 42T4948, ASM 42T4958, ASM 42T4960, ASM 42T4962, ASM P/N 42T4952, FRU 42T4947, FRU 42T4957, FRU 42T4959, FRU 42T4961, FRU P/N 42T4951
This item is suitable for the following models:
For Lenovo
E125, E135, Edge E130 NZUAXMB, s ThinkPad X131e 33673WM, Thinkpad 3354-ATG, Thinkpad 3354-AVG, Thinkpad 3354-DSG, Thinkpad 3358, ThinkPad E120, ThinkPad E120 30434NC, ThinkPad E120 30434SC, ThinkPad E120 30434TC, thinkpad E125, ThinkPad E145(20BC000ACD), ThinkPad E145(20BC000BCD), ThinkPad E145(20BC000CCD), ThinkPad E145(20BC000GCD), ThinkPad E145(20BC000HCD), ThinkPad E145(20BC000JCD), ThinkPad E145(20BCA01HCD), ThinkPad E145(20BCA01RCD), ThinkPad E145(20BCA01SCD), ThinkPad E320, ThinkPad E325, Thinkpad E330 22555003, Thinkpad E335, ThinkPad Edge E120, ThinkPad Edge E120 Series, ThinkPad Edge E120(3043RZ4), ThinkPad Edge E120(3043RZ8), ThinkPad Edge E120(30436GA), ThinkPad Edge E120(304343A), ThinkPad Edge E120(304344A), ThinkPad Edge E125, ThinkPad Edge E125 Series, ThinkPad Edge E125(303536A), ThinkPad Edge E130, THINKPAD EDGE E130 3358, ThinkPad Edge E130 3358A98, ThinkPad Edge E130 3358CTO, ThinkPad Edge E130 33582DM, ThinkPad Edge E130 33587VM, ThinkPad Edge E130 335820U, ThinkPad Edge E130 335897M, ThinkPad Edge E130 Series, ThinkPad Edge E130(8GBNZU5GGE), ThinkPad Edge E130(33585GG), ThinkPad Edge E130(BNZU87GE), ThinkPad Edge E130(NZU5DGE), ThinkPad Edge E130(NZU5FGE), ThinkPad Edge E130(NZU5GGE), ThinkPad Edge E130(NZU8CGE), ThinkPad Edge E130(NZU87GE), ThinkPad Edge E135, THINKPAD EDGE E135 3359, ThinkPad Edge E135(NZV6EGE), ThinkPad Edge E135(NZV6ZGE), ThinkPad Edge E135(NZV7FGE), ThinkPad Edge E135(NZV63GE), ThinkPad Edge E135(NZV64GE), ThinkPad Edge E135(NZV68GE, ThinkPad Edge E145, THINKPAD EDGE E145 20BC, ThinkPad Edge E145(20BC0000GE), ThinkPad Edge E145(20BC0005GE), ThinkPad Edge E145(20BC0006GE), ThinkPad Edge E320, ThinkPad Edge E320 12983BM, ThinkPad Edge E320 12984YM, ThinkPad Edge E320 12984ZM, ThinkPad Edge E320 129834M, ThinkPad Edge E320 129835M, ThinkPad Edge E320 Series, ThinkPad Edge E320(1297), ThinkPad Edge E320(1298), ThinkPad Edge E320(NWY3SGE), ThinkPad Edge E320(NWY5LGE), ThinkPad Edge E320(NWY7ZGE), ThinkPad Edge E320(NWY82GE), ThinkPad Edge E320(NWYA7GE), ThinkPad Edge E320(NWYA8GE), ThinkPad Edge E325, ThinkPad Edge E325 Series, ThinkPad Edge E325(1297-2FG), ThinkPad Edge E325(1297-2UG), ThinkPad Edge E325(NWX2FGE), ThinkPad Edge E325(NWX2TGE), ThinkPad Edge E325(NWX3HGE), ThinkPad Edge E325(NWX3MGE), Thinkpad Edge E330, THINKPAD EDGE E330 3354, ThinkPad Edge E330 3354AB6, ThinkPad Edge E330 3354ACM, ThinkPad Edge E330 3354ADM, ThinkPad Edge E330 3354AE8, ThinkPad Edge E330 3354AL5, ThinkPad Edge E330 3354AM1, ThinkPad Edge E330 3354CFM, ThinkPad Edge E330 3354CHM, ThinkPad Edge E330 3354CTO, ThinkPad Edge E330 33542LM, ThinkPad Edge E330 33542NM, ThinkPad Edge E330 33542QM, ThinkPad Edge E330 33542SM, ThinkPad Edge E330 33542TM, ThinkPad Edge E330 335430U, ThinkPad Edge E330(3354APG), ThinkPad Edge E330(3354ATG), ThinkPad Edge E330(3354CRG), ThinkPad Edge E330(33544QG), ThinkPad Edge E330(33544RG), ThinkPad Edge E330(NZS4QGE), ThinkPad Edge E330(NZS4RGE), ThinkPad Edge E330(NZSALGE), ThinkPad Edge E330(NZSAPGE), ThinkPad Edge E330(NZSATGE), ThinkPad Edge E330(NZSCRGE), ThinkPad Edge E335, THINKPAD EDGE E335 3355, ThinkPad Edge E335(NZT64GE), ThinkPad Edge L330, ThinkPad Edge L330(3470), ThinkPad X121e, ThinkPad X121e(3045), ThinkPad X121e(3045-5CTO), ThinkPad X121e(3045-563M), ThinkPad X121e(3048), ThinkPad X121e(3048-8CTO), ThinkPad X121e(3048-82LM), ThinkPad X121e(3048-82MM), ThinkPad X121e(3049), ThinkPad X121e(3051), ThinkPad X121e(3053), ThinkPad X121e(3055), ThinkPad X121e(NWN6UGE), ThinkPad X121e(NWN7BGE), ThinkPad X121e(NWN7JGE), ThinkPad X121e(NWN79GE), ThinkPad X121e(NWS5QGE), ThinkPad X121e(NWS5XGE), ThinkPad X121e(NWS5YGE), ThinkPad X121e(NWS62GE), ThinkPad X121e(NWS65GE), THINKPAD X121E-3045-XXX, THINKPAD X121E-3048-XXX, THINKPAD X121E-3049-XXX, THINKPAD X121E-3051-XXX, THINKPAD X121E-3053-XXX, THINKPAD X121E-3055-XXX, ThinkPad X121e 3045CTO, ThinkPad X121e 3048CTO, ThinkPad X121e 30482LM, ThinkPad X121e 30482MM, ThinkPad X121e 304563M, ThinkPad X130e, ThinkPad X130e(0622-RZ2), ThinkPad X130e(0622-RZ8), ThinkPad X130e(0627-A41), ThinkPad X130e(0627-RZ4), ThinkPad X130e(0629), ThinkPad X130e(2338), ThinkPad X130e(2339), ThinkPad X130e(2340), THINKPAD X130E-0629-XXX, THINKPAD X130E-2338-XXX, THINKPAD X130E-2339-XXX, THINKPAD X130E-2340-XXX, ThinkPad X130e 2338CTO, ThinkPad X131e, ThinkPad X131e(3367-7A52), ThinkPad X131e(3367-7A59), ThinkPad X131e(3367-7AD3), ThinkPad X131e(3367-7AD5), ThinkPad X131e(3367-7AF9), ThinkPad X131e(3367-7AH5), ThinkPad X131e(3367-7AJ5), ThinkPad X131e(3367-7AQ2), ThinkPad X131e(3367-7AQ9), ThinkPad X131e(3367-7CTO), ThinkPad X131e(3367-71Q1), ThinkPad X131e(3367-71S4), ThinkPad X131e(3367-71V7), ThinkPad X131e(3367-72A9), ThinkPad X131e(3367-72B8), ThinkPad X131e(3367-72C1), ThinkPad X131e(3367-72E7), ThinkPad X131e(3367-72F3), ThinkPad X131e(3367-72G0), ThinkPad X131e(3367-72H6), ThinkPad X131e(3367-72J0), ThinkPad X131e(3367-72K5), ThinkPad X131e(3367-72L0), ThinkPad X131e(3367-72N0), ThinkPad X131e(3367-72N1), ThinkPad X131e(3367-72RM), ThinkPad X131e(3367-72SM), ThinkPad X131e(3367-72W0), ThinkPad X131e(3367-72W1), ThinkPad X131e(3367-73AU), ThinkPad X131e(3367-73TM), ThinkPad X131e(3367-73UM), ThinkPad X131e(3367-73VM), ThinkPad X131e(3367-73WM), ThinkPad X131e(3367-78AU), ThinkPad X131e(3367-78XM), ThinkPad X131e(3367-78ZM), ThinkPad X131e(3367-79AU), ThinkPad X131e(3367-79HM), ThinkPad X131e(3367-762U), ThinkPad X131e(3367-792M), ThinkPad X131e(3367-795M), ThinkPad X131e(3367-797M), ThinkPad X131e(3367AE9), ThinkPad X131e(3368-8CTO), ThinkPad X131e(3368-83AU), ThinkPad X131e(3368-83UM), ThinkPad X131e(3368-85AU), ThinkPad X131e(3368CTO), ThinkPad X131e(3369), ThinkPad X131e(3369-9A34), ThinkPad X131e(3369-9A37), ThinkPad X131e(3369-9A56), ThinkPad X131e(3369-9A62), ThinkPad X131e(3369-9A66), ThinkPad X131e(3369-91A3), ThinkPad X131e(3369-91A4), ThinkPad X131e(3369-91L1), ThinkPad X131e(3371), ThinkPad X131e(3372-2A11), ThinkPad X131e(3372-22AU), ThinkPad X131e(3372-23AU), ThinkPad X131e(3374), ThinkPad X131e(6283-31B0), ThinkPad X131e(33685JG), ThinkPad X131e(33722VU), ThinkPad X131e(N2U5JGE), ThinkPad X131e-62831B0, ThinkPad X131e 3367A52, ThinkPad X131e 3367A59, ThinkPad X131e 3367AD3, ThinkPad X131e 3367AD5, ThinkPad X131e 3367AF9, ThinkPad X131e 3367AH5, ThinkPad X131e 3367AJ5, ThinkPad X131e 3367AL3, ThinkPad X131e 3367AQ2, ThinkPad X131e 3367AQ9, ThinkPad X131e 3367CTO, ThinkPad X131e 3369A34, ThinkPad X131e 3369A37, ThinkPad X131e 3369A56, ThinkPad X131e 3369A62, ThinkPad X131e 3369A66, ThinkPad X131e 3372A11, ThinkPad X131e 33671Q1, ThinkPad X131e 33671S4, ThinkPad X131e 33671V6, ThinkPad X131e 33671V7, ThinkPad X131e 33672A9, ThinkPad X131e 33672B8, ThinkPad X131e 33672C1, ThinkPad X131e 33672E7, ThinkPad X131e 33672F3, ThinkPad X131e 33672G0, ThinkPad X131e 33672H6, ThinkPad X131e 33672J0, ThinkPad X131e 33672K5, ThinkPad X131e 33672L0, ThinkPad X131e 33672N0, ThinkPad X131e 33672N1, ThinkPad X131e 33672RM, ThinkPad X131e 33672SM, ThinkPad X131e 33672W0, ThinkPad X131e 33672W1, ThinkPad X131e 33673AU, ThinkPad X131e 33673SM, ThinkPad X131e 33673TM, ThinkPad X131e 33673UM, ThinkPad X131e 33673VM, ThinkPad X131e 33673WM, ThinkPad X131e 33678AU, ThinkPad X131e 33678XM, ThinkPad X131e 33678ZM, ThinkPad X131e 33679AU, ThinkPad X131e 33679HM, ThinkPad X131e 33683AU, ThinkPad X131e 33683UM, ThinkPad X131e 33684AU, ThinkPad X131e 33685AU, ThinkPad X131e 33691A3, ThinkPad X131e 33691A4, ThinkPad X131e 33691L1, ThinkPad X131e 33722AU, ThinkPad X131e 33723AU, ThinkPad X131e 336762U, ThinkPad X131e 336792M, ThinkPad X131e 336795M, ThinkPad X131e 336797M, ThinkPad X140e, ThinkPad X140e 20BL, ThinkPad X140e 20BM, X130E
  • Model: 1002657-100114-1
  • 993 Units in Stock
  • Pertain to: LENOVO Accessory

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