CPA09-004A, PA-1600-66, AD-9019, API1AD43, AA-PA1N90W, ADP-60ZH, 19V 3.16A 60W ac adapters

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Brand new samsung CPA09-004A, PA-1600-66, AD-9019, API1AD43, AA-PA1N90W, ADP-60ZH, original laptop ac adapters

  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19V
  • Output Current: 3.16A (60W)
  • Connector: 5.5mm*3.0mm
  • Color: black
  • Warranty: 12 months
This item can replace the following models:
AA-PA1N90W, AD-6019, AD-6019B, AD-6019BR, AD-6019BS, AD-6019BV, AD-6019R, AD-8019, AD-9019, AD-9019A, AD-9019E, AD-9019M, AD-9019N, AD-9019S, AD-9019SL, AD6019, ADP-60ZH, ADP-60ZH A, ADP-60ZH D, AP11AD002, AP13AD05, API1AD02, API1AD43, API3AD05, BA44-00147A, BA44-00215A, CPA09-004A, NBP001324-00, NBP001518-00, PA-1600-66, PA-1900-08, PA-1900-08S, PSCV6001228, SADP-90FH B, SADP-90FH D, SAM-SPA-X10, SPA-690E/E, SPA-690E/UK, SPA-830E/EUR, SPA-830E/UK, SPA-A10E/E, SPA-A10E/UK, SPA-P30, SPA-P30E, SPA-P30E/E, SPA-P30E/UK, SPA-T10/UK, SPA-T10E/EUR, SPA-V20, SPA-V20E/E, SPA-V20E/UK, SPA-X10, SPA-X10/E, SPA-X10/UK
This item is suitable for the following models:
300E3A, 300E7A-A03UK, 300E7A-S01CZ, 300E7Z, 305V4A, 305V7A, 8000GS, 8000SN, 8000VN, A10, C, E252, E271-JS01DE, E272, E3415-S01, GT6000 Series, GT6330, GT6400, GT6400XV, GT7000 Series, GT7700 Series, GT8000 Series, GT8100 Series, GT8600, GT8650XT, GT8700XT, M40, M40 plus, M40 Plus HWM 745, M40 Plus Series, M40 Plus WVM 1600, M40 Plus WVM 2000, M50 Series, M50-1730, M50-T000, M55 Series, M55 WEC 7200, M55-Pro T7200 Booker, M55-T001, M70 Pro Series, M70 Series, M70-T001, NB-RF510, NF310-A01, NP-300V4AI, NP-E172-AS01DE, NP-E172-AS06DE, NP-E172-FS04DE, NP-E172RBM/DE, NP-E271, NP-E271-JS03DE, NP-E272-AS01DE/SEG, NP-E272-FS03DE/SEG, NP-E372, NP-E3415, NP-M50, NP-M50T002/SAU, NP-M55, NP-M55T000, NP-M55T000/SAU, NP-M55T000/SHK, NP-M55T001, NP-M70, NP-M730-JB01DE, NP-NF110, NP-NF110-A01AT, NP-NF110-A01CH, NP-NF110-A01CZ, NP-NF110-A01DX, NP-NF110-A01TR, NP-NF110-A01UK, NP-NF110-A02FR, NP-NF110-A02TR, NP-P50, NP-P60, NP-P230, NP-P230-JS02, NP-P330, NP-P430-JB01US, NP-P430-JS06CN, NP-P430E, NP-P480, NP-P480-JS02UK, NP-P500, NP-P500-FA01UK, NP-P500-FA02UK, NP-P500-FA03UK, NP-P500-FA04UK, NP-P500-FA07UK, NP-P500-RA01UK, NP-P500-RA02UK, NP-P510, NP-P510-AA02UK, NP-P510-AA03UK, NP-P510-FA01UK, NP-P510-FA02UK, NP-P510-FA06UK, NP-P510-PA01UK, NP-P530-JA01UK, NP-P530-JA02US, NP-P530-JA03UK, NP-P530-JA04UK, NP-P530-JA05UK, NP-P530-JA06UK, NP-P530-JS01DE/KIT, NP-P530E, NP-P530I, NP-P560-AA01UK, NP-P560-AA03US, NP-P560-AA04UK, NP-P560-AA05UK, NP-P560-AS02UK, NP-P560-AS02US, NP-P560-AS03UK, NP-P560-AS03US, NP-P560E, NP-P560I, NP-P560I Series, NP-P580, NP-P580-JA01US, NP-P580-JA03DE/KIT, NP-P580-JA05, NP-P580-JS02AT, NP-P580-JS02UK, NP-P580-JS04DE, NP-P580-JS07CN, NP-P710-AA01DE, NP-Q1, NP-Q1-M000, NP-Q1-M000/SUK, NP-Q1-V000/SUK, NP-Q1/M01/SUK, NP-Q1/M02/SUK, NP-Q1B/M00/SUK, NP-Q1BV000/SUK, NP-Q1EX, NP-Q1SSD, NP-Q1U/000/SUK, NP-Q1U/001/SUK, NP-Q1U/002/SUK, NP-Q1U/003/SUK, NP-Q1U/H00/SUK, NP-Q1U/P01/SEA, NP-Q1U/SD1/SEA, NP-Q1U/Y01/SUK, NP-Q1U/YM/SUK, NP-Q1UA000/SUK, NP-Q1UFY01/SUK, NP-Q1UR000/SEG, NP-Q1UR001/SUK, NP-Q35, NP-Q35A000/SUK, NP-Q35A001/SUK, NP-Q35K000/SUK, NP-Q35T000/SUK, NP-Q35T001/SUK, NP-Q40, NP-Q40/C00/SUK, NP-Q40B000/SUK, NP-Q40C000/SUK, NP-Q40T000/SUK, NP-Q40T001/SUK, NP-Q40T002/SUK, NP-Q45, NP-Q45A00A/SUK, NP-Q45A00D/SUK, NP-Q45A000/SUK, NP-Q45A002/SUK, NP-Q45A003/SUK, NP-Q45A005/SUK, NP-Q45A006/SUK, NP-Q45A007/SUK, NP-Q45A008/SUK, NP-Q45AV03/SEG, NP-Q70, NP-Q210-AS02UK, NP-Q210-AS04UK, NP-Q210-FA01UK, NP-Q210-FA02UK, NP-Q210-FSS0UK, NP-Q230, NP-Q310I, NP-Q318, NP-Q320, NP-Q320-AS01UK, NP-Q320-AS02UK, NP-Q320-AS03UK, NP-Q320-AS04UK, NP-Q320-FS01UK, NP-Q320E, NP-Q330 Series, NP-Q428-DS04, NP-Q428-DT01, NP-Q430, NP-Q430 Series, NP-Q430-JS01UK, NP-Q430-JS02UK, NP-Q430-JS03UK, NP-Q430-JSB1US, NP-Q430-JU01UK, NP-Q430-JU01US, NP-Q430E, NP-Q430E Series, NP-Q430H, NP-Q460, NP-Q530, NP-Q530 Series, NP-Q530-JA01US, NP-Q530-JA02US, NP-Q530-JS01DE, NP-Q530-JT01UK, NP-QX310, NP-QX310-S02DE, NP-QX410, NP-QX410 Series, NP-QX410-S02US, NP-QX410BM/US, NP-QX411-A01UB, NP-QX411-W01UB, NP-QX411-W02UB, NP-QX411H Series, NP-QX412-S04DE, NP-R20, NP-R20F, NP-R20F000/SUK, NP-R20F001/SUK, NP-R20F002/SUK, NP-R20FY01/SUK, NP-R20FY02/SUK, NP-R20X000/SUK, NP-R20X001/SUK, NP-R25, NP-R40, NP-R40 Plus, NP-R40/ORG/SUK, NP-R40FY06/SUK, NP-R40FY07/SUK, NP-R40K006/SUK, NP-R40R003/SUK, NP-R40RY02/SUK, NP-R40RY04/SUK, NP-R40XY02/SUK, NP-R45, NP-R50, NP-R50CV02/SAU, NP-R50TV02/SAU, NP-R55, NP-R55C001/SAU, NP-R55C002/SAU, NP-R55CV01/SHK, NP-R55CV02/SHK, NP-R55T000/SAU, NP-R65, NP-R420, NP-R425-JS02, NP-R425-JT01, NP-R428, NP-R428-DA01VN, NP-R428-DA02UA, NP-R428-DA04, NP-R428-DB01, NP-R428-DS01U, NP-R428-DS04TH, NP-R428-DS12CN, NP-R430, NP-R431-JS08CN, NP-R463, NP-R465H, NP-R468H, NP-R478, NP-R508, NP-R517, NP-R520, NP-R525, NP-R540E Series, NP-R540I Series, NP-R780VE Series, NP-RC510E Series, NP-RF511 Series, NP-RF711 Series, NP-RF711-S03, NP-RV510I Series, NP-RV511I Series, NP-RV515I Series, NP-RV520I Series, NP-SF410 Series, NP-SF411-A01, NP-SF411I Series, NP-X06, NP-X1 Series, NP-X1-1200, NP-X1-C003/SHK, NP-X11 Series, NP-X22, NP-X60, NP-X60TZ01/SUK, NP200A5B-A02UK, NP200A5BI, NP200B4A-A02US, NP200B4AI, NP200B5AI, NP300E3A, NP300E4AJ, NP300E4C, NP300E4C-A02US, NP300E4X, NP300E4Z, NP300E5A, NP300E5A-A02UB, NP300E5A-S01UK, NP300E5AH, NP300E5AI, NP300E5C, NP300E5C-A0AUS, NP300E5C-A01US, NP300E5C-A02US, NP300E5C-A03US, NP300E5C-A06US, NP300E5C-A07US, NP300E5C-A09US, NP300E5ZI, NP300E7AI, NP300E7ZH, NP300U1A-A01US, NP300V3A, NP300V3AI, NP300V4A, NP300V4A-A04US, NP300V4AI, NP300V5A-A0AUS, NP300V5A-A0BUS, NP300V5A-A0EUS, NP300V5A-A0KUS, NP300V5A-A03US, NP300V5A-A04US, NP300V5A-A05US, NP300V5A-A06US, NP300V5A-A07US, NP300V5A-A08US, NP300V5A-A09US, NP300V5AI, NP305E5A, NP305E5A-A06US, NP305E5A-A08US, NP305E7A-A02US, NP305E7A-A03US, NP305E7AI, NP305V4AD, NP305V4ZD, NP305V5A, NP305V5AD, NP305V5AI, NP305V5Z, NP305V7A, NP350E5C, NP350E7C, NP350U2A, NP350U2B, NP350V4C, NP350V5C, NP355E5C, NP355E7C, NP355E7C-A01US, NP355E7C-A02US, NP355V4C, NP355V5C, NP365E5C, NP365E5C-S01US, NP365E5C-S02US, NP365E5C-S04US, NP400B2BI, NP400B4BI, NP500P4C, NP500P4C-S02US, NP520U4C, NP530U3C, NP530U3C-A04US, NP530U3C-A05US, NP530U3C-A06US, NP530U3C-A07US, NP530U4B-A01US, NP530U4B-A02US, NP530U4B-A03US, NP530U4C, NP530U4C-A01US, NP535U3C, NP550P5C, NP550P5C-A01UB, NP550P5C-A02UB, NP550P5C-T01US, NP600B4C, NP600B4C-A01US, NP600B5BH, NP700G7C, NP700G7C-S01US, NP700G7C-S02US, NP700G7C-T01US, NP700Z3A-S01US, NP700Z3A-S03US, NP700Z3A-S06US, NP700Z3A-S07US, NP700Z3AH, NP700Z3CH, NP700Z4AH, NP700Z5A-S0AUS, NP700Z5A-S0BUS, NP700Z5A-S01US, NP700Z5A-S02US, NP700Z5A-S03US, NP700Z5A-S04US, NP700Z5A-S09US, NP700Z5AH, NP700Z5B-S01UB, NP700Z5B-W01UB, NP700Z5BH, NP700Z5C, NP700Z5C-S01US, NP700Z7C-S01UB, NP700Z7C-S01US, NP700Z7C-S03US, NT-M50/W200, NT-M70/W210, NT-R50/C170, NT-R50/W201, NT-R55/W181, NT-X1 Series, NT-X1-C110, NT-X1-C120, NT371B5J, NT500R5L, NT500R5L-L51L, NT500R5L-L51S, NT500R5L-L54M, NT500R5L-L54S, NT500R5L-M35H, NT500R5L-M51S, 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P30-BY6, P30-CA6, P30-FT8, P30-G98, P30-KCW, P30-PRC002, P35 Series, P35 XVM 1600 II, P35 XVM 1600 III, P35-000, P35-5R2, P35-PRC000, P40, P50 Pro Series, P50 Pro T2400 Tytahn, P50 Pro T2600 Tygah, P50 Pro T5500 Tahlia, P50 Pro T5500 Teygun, P50 Pro T7200 Torrin, P50 Series, P50 T2400 Tytahn, P50 T2600 Tygah, P50-00, P50-C003, P50-C004, P50-CV03, P50-CV04, P60 Pro Series, P60 Pro T2600 Taspra, P60 T2600 Taspra, P60-01, P60-C003, P60-CV01, P60-CV03, P560, Q1 Ultra, Q1-900 Casomii, Q1-900 Ceegoo, Q1B, Q1EX-71G, Q1P, Q1P SSD, Q1U, Q1U-BP1, Q1U-BPK, Q1U-CMXP, Q1U-EL, Q1U-ELXP, Q1U-FP01, Q1U-K000, Q1U-KY01, Q1U-KY02, Q1U-P01, Q1U-SSDXP, Q1U-V, Q1U-XP, Q1U-Y04, Q1UP-V, Q1UP-XP, Q30 LXC 1100, Q30 Rubin 1200, Q30 Series, Q30 Silver 1200, Q30TWM733, Q30TWM 753, Q35 Pro Series, Q35 Pro T5500 Bitasa, Q35 Series, Q35 XIC 5500, Q35 XIH 2300, Q35 XIP 2300, Q35-T2250 Ceron, Q35-T2300 Caderu, Q35-T2300 Cotezaa, Q35-T5500 Calvin, Q35-T5500 Ruby, Q40, Q40 Pro U1400 Silver, Q40 XIP 1400, Q45 Aura T5450 Danyal, Q45 Aura T7100 Duke, Q45 Series, Q45 WEV 7100, Q45-Aura T7100 Damali, Q45-Aura T7100 Derora, Q45-Aura T7250 Dalia, Q45-Aura T7250 Devesh, Q45-Aura T8300 Dardono, Q45-Aura T9300 Devit, Q70, Q70 Aura T7300 Devon, Q70 Aura T7500 Daargon, Q70 Aura T7500 Dury, Q70 Series, Q70 XEV 7100, Q70-A002, Q70-A003, Q70-A005, Q70-Aura T5750 Tirana, Q70-Aura T8300 Tallin, Q70-AV0C, Q70-AV0D, Q70-AV0F, Q70-AV01, Q70-AV04, Q70-AV05, Q70-AV06, Q70-AV06 (Black), Q70-AV07, Q70-AV07 (Black), Q70-AV07 (White), Q70-AV08, Q70-AV09, Q70-B00A, Q70-B00D, Q70-B00G, Q70-B002, Q70-B004, Q70-B006, Q70-B008, Q70-B009, Q70-BV0A, Q70-BV0F, Q70-BV0K, Q70-BV0L, Q70-BV01, Q70-BV02, Q70-BV04, Q70-BV06, Q70-BV07, Q70-BV08, Q70-BV09, Q70-F000, Q70-F001, Q70-F002, Q70-FV01, Q70-FV02, Q70-FY01, Q70-X00A, Q70-X000, Q70-X002, Q70-X003, Q70-X006, Q70-X008, Q70-X009, Q70-XY01, Q70-XY02, Q70-XY03, Q70-XY04, Q70-XY06, Q320, Q330-JA01, Q430-JA01, Q530-JA01, QX 410-J01, QX410-S02, QX411-W01, R20 Aura T2350 Declan, R20 Aura T7200 Deva, R20 Series, R20 XIV 5500, R20 XIV 5510, R20-A000, R20-F000, R20-F001, R20-F002, R20-F003, R20-F004, R20-F005, R20-FY01, R20-FY02, R20-FY03, R20-FY04, R20-X002, R20-X003, R20-X004, R20-XY01, R20plus Series, R25 Series, R25-A001, R25-A002, R25-A003, R25-A004, R25-F001, R25-F002, R25-F003, R25-FE01, R25-FE02, R25-FE03, R25plus Series, R40 Series, R40 XIC 2050, R40 XIP 2050, R40 XIP 2055, R40 XIP 2250, R40 XIP 2255, R40 XIP 5500, R40 XIP 5510, R40-EL1, R40-K00A, R40-K00D, R40-K00E, R40-K00F, R40-K003, R40-K005, R40-K006, R40-K007, R40-K008, R40-K009, R40-T2300, R40-T2300 Caosee, R45 Pro 1730 Bizzlay, R45 Pro C1600 Buliena, R45 Pro Series, R45 Pro T5500 Bernie, R45 Series, R45-1730 Cutama, R45-C1500 Cerona, R45-K0, R45-K00D, R45-K004, R45-K005, R45-K006, R45-K007, R45-K02, R50 WEH 750, R50 XEH 745, R50-2000, R50-CV05, R50-V01, R55 Aura T5300 Cavan, R55 Aura T5500 Cazza, R55 Aura T5500 Clayton, R55 Series, R55-AV03, R55-C001, R55-CV06, R55-CV09, R60 Series, R60FY01, R60plus, R65 Pro Series, R65 Pro T5500 Baonee, R65 Pro T5500 Boteez, R65 Series, R65 WEP 2300, R65 WEP 5500, R65 WIP 2300, R65 WIP 5500, R65-CV01, R65-CV03, R65-CV04, R65-CV05, R65-T2300 Biton, R65-T2300 Calix, R65-T2300 Carrew, R65-T2300 Charis, R65-T5500 Canspiro, R65-TV01, R65-TV02, R428, R429, R430, R460, R462, R463, R464, R465, R466, R467, R468, R470, R478, R480, R522, R540, R540-JA04, R540-JA05, R580 Series, R620, R780-JT01, RC512-S01, RF511-S02, RF511-S03, RF511-S04, RF711-S01, RF711-S02, RV510-A02, RV511-A01, RV515-A01, RV520-W01, Series 3 305E7A, SF311, SF410-A01, SF410-A02, SX15-C16B, VM8000 series, VM8100 series, X05 Plus, X05 PRC001, X05 Series, X05 XTC 1400, X05 XTC 1400 II, X05 XTC 1400C, X05 XTC 1500, X05 XTD 1300, X05 XTM 1500, X05 XTM 1600, X05-0VU, X05-000, X05-001, X05-402, X05-FU2, X05-GKO, X05-L10, X05-W06, X06 Series, X1, X1 Series, X10 1300, X10 1400, X10 1600, X10 Plus-25P, X10 Plus-85RH, X10 Plus-BAX, X10 Plus-JSK, X10 Plus-TR2, X10 Plus-V04, X10 Plus-V05, X10 Plus-V06, X10 Plus-V07, X10 Plus-WR5, X10 Plus Series, X10 Plus XTC 745, X10 Plus XTC 1500, X10 Plus XTC 1600, X10 Plus XTC 1800, X10 Plus XTM 1600 II, X10 Plus XTM 1700, X10 Plus XTM 2000, X10 Series, X10 XTC 745, X10 XTC 1300, X10 XTC 1300 II, X10 XTC 1400, X10 XTC 1500, X10 XTC 1500 II, X10 XTC 1500 III, X10 XTC 1500 IV, X10 XTC 1600, X10 XTC 1600 II, X10 XTC 1700, X11-T2300 Carl, X11-T2300 Culesa, X11-T5500 CeSeba, X11c-T5600 Calest, X11c-T7200 Carlin, X11WIP5500, X11XEC5500, X15, X15 Plus, X20, X20 HVM 740, X20 LVC 730, X20 Series, X20 XVM 730, X20 XVM 740, X20 XVM 1600, X20 XVM 1600 II, X20 XVM 1600 III, X20 XVM 1600 IV, X20 XVM 1600 V, X20 XVM 1700, X20 XVM 1730, X20-1730 Callia, X20-1730 Callia II, X22 Series, X22 WEB 7300, X22 WEP 7500, X22 XEB 8100, X22-A00B, X22-A00C, X22-A00H, X22-A001, X22-A002, X22-A006, X22-A007, X22-A008, X22-A009, X22-Aura T7300 Choi, X22-Aura T9300 Choell, X22-PRO T7500 Boyar, X25 HVM 750, X25 Series, X25 XVM 1600, X25 XVM 2000, X30, X50, X50 HWM 740, X50 HWM 760, 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  • Model: 1061140-106113-1
  • 999 Units in Stock
  • Pertain to: SAMSUNG Accessory

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