VGP-AC10V9, PA-1450-06SP, VGP-AC10V10, VGP-AC10V8, ADP-50ZH B, 10.5V 3.8A 40W ac adapters

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Brand new VGP-AC10V9, PA-1450-06SP, VGP-AC10V10, VGP-AC10V8, ADP-50ZH B, original laptop ac adapters

  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 10.5V
  • Output Current: 3.8A (40W)
  • Connector: 4.8mmx1.7mm
  • Color: black
  • Warranty: 12 months
This item can replace the following models:
ADP-50ZH B, PA-1450-06SP, VGP-AC10V8, VGP-AC10V9, VGP-AC10V10, VJ8AC10V10
This item is suitable for the following models:
SPV132A1CM, SVD132A1WL, SVD132A14L, SVD132A14W, SVD1121BPX, SVD1121BPXB, SVD1121C5E, SVD1121P2EB, SVD1121Q2EB, SVD1121X9EB, SVD1121XBATT, SVD1121Z9E, SVD1121Z9EB, SVD1122APX, SVD1122APXB, SVD1321A1J, SVD1321APXR, SVD1321BPXB, SVD1322A4E, SVD1322BPXB, SVD1322BPXR, SVD1322C5E, SVD1322DCXW, SVD1322U2E, SVD1322X2E, SVD1322Z9E, SVD1323A1J, SVD1323BPXB, SVD1323C5E, SVD1323XPGB, SVD1323Y9E, SVD1323YCGW, SVD11213CX, SVD11213CXB, SVD11215CA, SVD11215CAB, SVD11215CKB, SVD11215CVB, SVD11215CXB, SVD11215CYB, SVD11217SC, SVD11223CXB, SVD11225CXB, SVD11225CYB, SVD13211CG, SVD13211CGB, SVD13215CGB, SVD13218PGB, SVD13218PGW, SVD13218SCB, SVD13223CXW, SVD13225CLB, SVD13225CLW, SVD13225PXW, SVD13227SCB, SVD13227SCW, SVD13228DJB, SVD13228DJW, SVD13228SCB, SVD13229DJB, SVD13233CXB, SVD13236PXB, SVD13238EJ, SVD112190X, SVD112290X, SVD132200CR, SVP132A, SVP132A1CL, SVP132A1CM, SVP132A1CP, SVP132A1CT, SVP132A1CU, SVP132A1CV, SVP132A1CW, SVP132A1WC, SVP132A2CM, SVP132A17, SVP132A17T, SVP132A18T, SVP1121A1J, SVP1121A2J, SVP1121B4E, SVP1121C4E, SVP1121C5ER, SVP1121D4E, SVP1121M1E, SVP1121M2E, SVP1121M2R, SVP1121V9R, SVP1121W9E, SVP1121X2E, SVP1121X2R, SVP1121X9E, SVP1121X9R, SVP1121Z9E, SVP1121Z9R, SVP1122C5E, SVP1122M2E, SVP1122YCG, SVP1321A2J, SVP1321A4E, SVP1321A6E, SVP1321ACXB, SVP1321B4E, SVP1321B6E, SVP1321BPXB, SVP1321BPXR, SVP1321C4E, SVP1321C5E, SVP1321C5ER, SVP1321C6E, SVP1321C123B, SVP1321D4E, SVP1321D6E, SVP1321DCXS, SVP1321E4R, SVP1321ECXB, SVP1321F4R, SVP1321HGXBI, SVP1321I6R, SVP1321J1E, SVP1321J1R, SVP1321L1E, SVP1321L1EBI, SVP1321L1R, SVP1321M1R, SVP1321M2E, SVP1321M2EB, SVP1321M2R, SVP1321M4R, SVP1321M8E, SVP1321M9E, SVP1321M9EB, SVP1321M9R, SVP1321N2E, SVP1321N4R, SVP1321N6R, SVP1321O6R, SVP1321Q4R, SVP1321R4E, SVP1321S1E, SVP1321S1EB, SVP1321S2E, SVP1321S2EB, SVP1321S4E, SVP1321S9E, SVP1321S9EB, SVP1321T4E, SVP1321T6R, SVP1321U4E, SVP1321U6R, SVP1321V3CBI, SVP1321V9E, SVP1321V9R, SVP1321W9E, SVP1321WSNB, SVP1321X9E, SVP1321X9R, SVP1321XPNB, SVP1321Y9E, SVP1321Z9E, SVP1321Z9R, SVP1321ZPG, SVP1321ZPGR, SVP1322A4E, SVP1322A4R, SVP1322B4E, SVP1322B4R, SVP1322BPXB, SVP1322C4R, SVP1322C5E, SVP1322D4E, SVP1322D4R, SVP1322DCXS, SVP1322E4E, SVP1322F4E, SVP1322F4EB, SVP1322FPG, SVP1322G4E, SVP1322H4E, SVP1322H4R, SVP1322I4E, SVP1322I4R, SVP1322J4E, SVP1322J4R, SVP1322K4E, SVP1322K4R, SVP1322L1E, SVP1322L4E, SVP1322M1E, SVP1322M1EB, SVP1322M1R, SVP1322M2E, SVP1322M4E, SVP1322M8E, SVP1322M9R, SVP1322N4E, SVP1322N4R, SVP1322O4E, SVP1322O4R, SVP1322P4E, SVP1322P4R, SVP1322Q4R, SVP1322R4R, SVP1322V2E, SVP1322V2EB, SVP1322V8E, SVP1322V9E, SVP1322V9EB, SVP1322V9R, SVP1322X2E, SVP1322YCG, SVP1322YCW, SVP11214CXB, SVP11214CXS, SVP11215CDB, SVP11216CG, SVP11216PXB, SVP11216PXS, SVP11216ST, SVP11217PG, SVP11217SCS, SVP11219DBI, SVP11219DJB, SVP11222CXB, SVP11222CXS, SVP11223CXB, SVP11226PXB, SVP11228EJB, SVP11229PGB, SVP13211ST, SVP13212ST, SVP13213CG, SVP13213CGB, SVP13213CW, SVP13213CXB, SVP13213CXS, SVP13213CYB, SVP13213ST, SVP13215PLS, SVP13215PXB, SVP13215PXS, SVP13216PG, SVP13217SC, SVP13217SCB, SVP13217SCS, SVP13218CCS, SVP13218PG, SVP13218PKB, SVP13218PT, SVP13218SCB, SVP13218SCS, SVP13219, SVP13219DJB, SVP13219PG, SVP13219PT, SVP13219SCB, SVP13222CXB, SVP13223CG, SVP13223CXB, SVP13223CXS, SVP13224PXB, SVP13224PXS, SVP13225CDB, SVP13225CLB, SVP13225SCBI, SVP13225SH, SVP13226PXB, SVP13226PXS, SVP13226SCB, SVP13227PH, SVP13227PLBI, SVP13227SCB, SVP13227SCS, SVP13228SCB, SVP13229EJB, SVP13229PG, SVP13229PW, SVP13229SCB, SVP112190S, SVP112190X, SVP132190S, SVP132190X, SVP132290PG, SVP132290PW, SVP132290S, SVP132290X, VAIO Duo 10, Vaio Duo 11, Vaio Duo 11 SVD1121C5E, Vaio Duo 11 SVD1121P2EB, Vaio Duo 11 SVD1121Q2EB, Vaio Duo 11 SVD1121X9E, Vaio Duo 11 SVD1121X9EB, Vaio Duo 11 SVD1122APXB, Vaio Duo 11 SVD11213CXB, Vaio Duo 11 SVD11215CGB, Vaio Duo 11 SVD11215CKB, Vaio Duo 11 SVD11215CYB, Vaio Duo 11 SVD11218CCB, Vaio Duo 11 SVD11225CXB, VAIO Duo 13, Vaio Duo 13 SVD1321M2E, Vaio Duo 13 SVD1321Z9E, Vaio Duo 13 SVD13213CXB, Vaio Duo 13 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  • Model: 1061221-106108-1
  • 998 Units in Stock
  • Pertain to: SONY Accessory

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