Brand new original black Ideapad 110, 110-15, 100, D330-10IGM, S145, 20V 2.25A 45W ac adapters

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Brand new xiaoxin Air 13, Ideapad 110, 110-15, 100, D330-10IGM, S145, original laptop ac adapters

  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 20V
  • Output Current: 2.25A (45W)
  • Connector: 4.0mm*1.7mm
  • Color: black
  • Warranty: 12 months
This item can replace the following models:
01FR000, 01FR015, 01FR109, 01FR111, 01FR120, 01FR124, 01FR132, 01FR133, 5A10H42917, 5A10H42918, 5A10H42919, 5A10H42920, 5A10H42921, 5A10H42922, 5A10H42923, 5A10H42925, 5A10H42926, 5A10H43617, 5A10H43618, 5A10H43619, 5A10H43620, 5A10H43621, 5A10H43622, 5A10H43623, 5A10H43624, 5A10H43625, 5A10H43626, 5A10H43627, 5A10H43628, 5A10H43629, 5A10H43630, 5A10H43631, 5A10H43632, 5A10H43633, ADL45WCA, ADL45WCB, ADL45WCC, ADL45WCD, ADL45WCE, ADL45WCF, ADL45WCG, ADL45WCH, ADL45WCK, ADLX45NAC3A, ADP-45DW-BA, ADP-45DW-CA, ADP-45DW-E, ADP-45DW-EA, ADP-45DW-GA, ADP-45DW-HA, ADP-45DW-JA, ADP-45DW-KA, ADP-45DW A, ADP-45DW B, ADP-45DW C, ADP-45DW D, ADP-45DW G, ADP-45DW H, ADP-45DW J, DP-45DW-DA, GX20K11838, GX20L23044, PA-1450-55LG, PA-1450-55LI, PA-1450-55LK, PA-1450-55LL, PA-1450-55LN, PA-1450-55LR, PA-1450-55LS, PA-1450-55LU, PA-1450-55LZ, SA10L02297, SA10M4280, SA10M42742, SA10M42743, SA10M42792, ULL-100132, ULL-100142
This item is suitable for the following models:
01FR128, ADL45WCC, B50-10(80QR), B50-10(80QR0003GE), B50-10(80QR0004GE), B50-10(80QR0006GE), B50-10(80QR0007GE), B50-10(80QR0012UK), B50-10(80QR0013GE), B50-10(80QR0014GE), B50-10(80QR003GGE), B50-10(80QR003KGE), B50-10(80QR005UGE), B50-10(80QR007PGE), B50-10(80QR007QGE), B50-10(80QR0077GE), B50-10(80QR0079GE), BE MIIX 520-12IKB-20M30014AU, Chromebook 80S6, Chromebook 80SF, Chromebook N22, Chromebook N22-20., Chromebook N42-20, Flex4, Flex 4 14 4-1435, Flex 4 15 4-1570, Flex 4-1130, FLEX 4-1435, FLEX 4-1470, FLEX 4-1570, IdeaPad 1-11ADA05 82GV002BNZ, IdeaPad 1-11IGL05 81VT002PAU, IdeaPad 1-11IGL05 81VT002RAU, IdeaPad 1-11IGL05 81VT002SNZ, ideapad 3-14IGL05 81WH000FAU, ideapad 3-14IGL05 81WH000XAU, ideapad 3-14IML05 81WA00E0AU, ideapad 3-14IML05 81WA00E1AU, ideapad 3-14IML05 81WA005UAU, ideapad 3-14IML05 81WACTO1WW, IdeaPad 3-15IGL05 81WQ000LAU, ideapad 3-15IML05 81WB00T0AU, IdeaPad 3-17IML05-81WCCTO1WW, ideapad 5-14IIL05 81YHCTO1WW, ideapad 5-15IIL05 81YKCTO1WW, IdeaPad 100, IDEAPAD 100 14, IdeaPad 100-14, IdeaPad 100-14IBD, IdeaPad 100-14IBD(80RK), IdeaPad 100-14IBD(80RK002UIH), IdeaPad 100-14IBY, IdeaPad 100-14IBY(80MH)Serie, IdeaPad 100-14IBY(80MH/80R7), IdeaPad 100-14IBY(80MH003TGE), IdeaPad 100-14IBY(80MH007NGE), IdeaPad 100-14IBY(80MH007UGE), IdeaPad 100-14IBY(80MH009NGE), Ideapad 100-14IBY 80MH000XUS, Ideapad 100-14IBY 80MH000YUS, Ideapad 100-14IBY 80MH0012US, Ideapad 100-14IBY 80MH005HUS, Ideapad 100-14IBY 80MH005JCF, Ideapad 100-14IBY 80MH005KUS, Ideapad 100-14IBY 80MH005LUS, Ideapad 100-14IBY 80MH005MCF, Ideapad 100-14IBY 80MH005NCF., IDEAPAD 100-14IBY 80MH0084AU, Ideapad 100-14IBY 20563, Ideapad 100-14IBY 20643, IdeaPad 100-15, IdeaPad 100-15IBD, IdeaPad 100-15IBD(80MJ), IdeaPad 100-15IBD(80MJ00ATGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBD(80MJ00CJGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBD(80MJ00CKGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBD(80MJ00CLGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBD(80MJ00CQGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBD(80MJ00GBGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBD(80QQ), IdeaPad 100-15IBD(80QQ00ANGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBD(80QQ00AQGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBD(80QQ00ARGE), Ideapad 100-15IBD(80QQ00E7MH), Ideapad 100-15IBD(80QQ00E8MH), IdeaPad 100-15IBD(80QQ00GCGE), Ideapad 100-15IBD(80QQ00GWPB), Ideapad 100-15IBD(80QQ00GYPB), Ideapad 100-15IBD(80QQ00HQMB), Ideapad 100-15IBD(80QQ00HTMB), Ideapad 100-15IBD(80QQ00JHMH), IdeaPad 100-15IBD(80QQ00KBGE), Ideapad 100-15IBD(80QQ00T8MH), IdeaPad 100-15IBD(80QQ002AGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBD(80QQ0029GE), IdeaPad 100-15IBD(80QQ003BGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBD(80QQ009LGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBD(80QQ01GCGE), Ideapad 100-15IBD(80QQ014BMH), IdeaPad 100-15IBD(80QQ014XGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBD(80QQ0179GE), IdeaPad 100-15IBD(80QQ018HGE), Ideapad 100-15IBD 80QQ00CEUS, Ideapad 100-15IBD 80QQ00E6US, Ideapad 100-15IBD 80QQ00JGUS, Ideapad 100-15IBD 80QQ002DUS, IDEAPAD 100-15IBD 80QQ01D4AU, Ideapad 100-15IBD 80QQQQQ, Ideapad 100-15IBY, IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ), IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ/80R8), IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00ARGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00ASGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00ATGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00CJGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00CKGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00CLGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00CPGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00CQGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00EDGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00EEGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00GAGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00GBGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00JBGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00P2GE), IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00TQGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ001CGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ001DGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ001EGE), IdeaPad 100-15IBY-80MJ00G2US, Ideapad 100-15IBY 80MJ00AEUS, Ideapad 100-15IBY 80MJ001AUS, Ideapad 100-15IBY 80MJ0017US, Ideapad 100-15IBY 80MJ0018US, Ideapad 100-15IBY 80MJ0019US, IdeaPad 100-15IBY 80R8, IdeaPad100S-14, Ideapad 100S-14IB, IdeaPad 100S-14IBR, IdeaPad 100S-14IBR(80R900BCAU), IdeaPad 100S-14IBR(80R900BEGE), IdeaPad 100S-14IBR(80R900FJGE), Ideapad 100S-14IBR(80R900FXUS), IdeaPad 100S-14IBR(80R900HXGE), IdeaPad 100S-14IBR(80R900HYGE), IdeaPad 100S-14IBR(80R900JLPG), IdeaPad 100S-14IBR(80R900K5GE), IdeaPad 100S-14IBR(80R900NUMH), IdeaPad 100S-14IBR(80R900NVGE), IdeaPad 100S-14IBR(80R9002WGE), Ideapad 100S-14IBR(80R9003MSP), IdeaPad 100S-14IBR(80R9005MPB), IdeaPad 100S-14IBR(80R9006KPH), IdeaPad 100S-14IBR(80R90031PH), IdeaPad 100S-14IBR(80R90050GE), IdeaPad 100S-14IBR(80R90051GE), IdeaPad 100S-14IBR 80R9, Ideapad 100S-14IBR 80R9005KUS, Ideapad 100S-14IBR 80R90004US, Ideapad 100S-14IBR 80R90073US, IDEAPAD 100S 14, Ideapad 110, IDEAPAD 110 14, IDEAPAD 110 15, Ideapad 110 15 110-15ACL, Ideapad 110 15 110-15IBR, Ideapad 110 15 110-15ISK, IDEAPAD 110 17, Ideapad 110 17 110-17ACL, Ideapad 110 110-14IBR, Ideapad 110 110-14ISK., Ideapad 110 Touch-15ACL, IdeaPad 110-14IBR, Ideapad 110-15, IdeaPad 110-15ACL, IdeaPad 110-15ACL(80T7003GTX), IdeaPad 110-15ACL(80TJ), IdeaPad 110-15ACL(80TJ00CBGE), IdeaPad 110-15ACL(80TJ00EUGE), IdeaPad 110-15ACL(80TJ00GYGE), IdeaPad 110-15ACL(80TJ001HGE), IdeaPad 110-15ACL(80TJ002EUS), IdeaPad 110-15ACL(80TJ006ERK), IdeaPad 110-15ACL(80TJ0060CK), IdeaPad 110-15ACL(80TJ0062CK), IdeaPad 110-15ACL(80TJ008MMX), IdeaPad 110-15ACL(80V7), IdeaPad 110-15ACL(80V70009US), IdeaPad 110-15AST, IdeaPad 110-15AST(80TR), IdeaPad 110-15AST(80TR001BGE), IdeaPad 110-15AST(80TR001CGE), IdeaPad 110-15IBR, IdeaPad 110-15IBR(80T7), IdeaPad 110-15IBR(80T7/80W2), IdeaPad 110-15IBR(80T700A3GE), IdeaPad 110-15IBR(80T700ETGE), IdeaPad 110-15IBR(80T7000HUS), IdeaPad 110-15IBR(80T7000TGE), IdeaPad 110-15IBR(80T7001KGE), IdeaPad 110-15IBR(80T7001LGE), IdeaPad 110-15IBR(80T7004FGE), IdeaPad 110-15IBR(80T7004QRA), IdeaPad 110-15IBR(80T7004WRA), IdeaPad 110-15IBR(80T7008QGE), IdeaPad 110-15IBR(80T70088RA), Ideapad 110-15IBR-80T700JXSP, IdeaPad 110-15ISK, IdeaPad 110-15ISK(80UD), IdeaPad 110-15ISK(80UD00BXMH), IdeaPad 110-15ISK(80UD00HRGE), IdeaPad 110-15ISK(80UD00HVGE), IdeaPad 110-15ISK(80UD00L0GE), IdeaPad 110-15ISK(80UD00LAGE), IdeaPad 110-15ISK(80UD00N0GE), IdeaPad 110-15ISK(80UD001GCK), IdeaPad 110-15ISK(80UD001YGE), IdeaPad 110-15ISK(80UD0019TX), IdeaPad 110-15ISK(80UD002WGE), IdeaPad 110-15ISK(80UD002XGE), IdeaPad 110-15ISK(80UD006HRI), IdeaPad 110-15ISK(80UD009RGE), IdeaPad 110-17ACL, IdeaPad 110-17ACL(80UM000BFR), IdeaPad 110-17ACL(80UM0001GE), IdeaPad 110-17ACL(80UM0003GE), IdeaPad 110-17ACL(80UM001FGE), IdeaPad 110-17ACL(80UM001RMX), IdeaPad 110-17ACL(80UM0024RK), Ideapad 110-17ACL-80UM, IdeaPad 110S-11IBR, ideapad 110S-11IBR 80WG00DWAU, ideapad 110S-11IBR 80WG00DXAU, ideapad 110S-11IBR 80WG00E0AU, ideapad 110S-11IBR 80WG00EJAU, ideapad 110S-11IBR 80WG008PAU, ideapad 110S-11IBR 80WG008QAU, ideapad 110S-11IBR 80WG008RAU, ideapad 110S-11IBR 80WG008UAU, ideapad 110S-11IBR 80WG0087AU, ideapad 110S-11IBR 80WG0094AU, IDEAPAD 110S 11, IdeaPad 120S, IdeaPad 120S-11IAP, IdeaPad 120S-11IAP(81A4), IdeaPad 120S-11IAP(81A4005UGE), IdeaPad 120S-11IAP(81A4005VGE), IdeaPad 120S-11IAP(81A4005WGE), IdeaPad 120S-11IAP(81A4005XGE), IdeaPad 120S-11IAP(81A4005YGE), IdeaPad 120S-11IAP(81A40060GE), IdeaPad 120S-11IAP(81A40061GE), IdeaPad 120S-11IAP(81A40062GE), IDEAPAD 120S-11IAP 81A400AGAU, IDEAPAD 120S-11IAP 81A400AHAU, IDEAPAD 120S-11IAP 81A400DNAU, IDEAPAD 120S-11IAP 81A400KHAU, IDEAPAD 120S-11IAP 81A400KJAU, Ideapad 120S-14IAP, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP(81A5), IdeaPad 120S-14IAP(81A500ACGE), IdeaPad 120S-14IAP(81A500ADGE), IdeaPad 120S-14IAP(81A500AEGE), IdeaPad 120S-14IAP(81A500AQGE), IdeaPad 120S-14IAP(81A500C7GE), IdeaPad 120S-14IAP(81A500EDGE), IdeaPad 120S-14IAP(81A5004CGE), IdeaPad 120S-14IAP(81A5006KGE), IdeaPad 120S-14IAP(81A5006MGE), IdeaPad 120S-14IAP(81A5006NGE), IdeaPad 120S-14IAP(81A50072GE), IdeaPad 120S-14IAP-81A50093MH, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500A2MX, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500ABSP, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500AWMB, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500BMRA, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500BNRA, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500BPRA, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500BQRA, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500BRRA, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500BVCK, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500CBCK, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500CHPB, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500CJPB, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500CKPB, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500CMPB, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500CNRU, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500DBFR, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500DEFR, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500DGCK, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500DNCK, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500EJFG, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500EKFG, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500ELFG, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500EMFG, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500ENAD, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500EPUE, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500EQUE, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500ERUE, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500ESUE, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500ETFE, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500EUFE, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500EVFE, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500EWFE, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500EXFE, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500EYFE, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500F0SA, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500F3MH, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500F4SA, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500F5SA, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500F6AX, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500F7AX, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500F8AX, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500F9AX, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500FAFR, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500FBSA, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500FCSP, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500FDSP, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500FEIX, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500FMUK, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500FNPB, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500FPPB, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500FQPB, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A500FRFR, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A5001UUS, IDEAPAD 120S-14IAP 81A5002YAU, IDEAPAD 120S-14IAP 81A5003AAU, IDEAPAD 120S-14IAP 81A5003BAU, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A5003LCK, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A5003NCK, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A5003QCK, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A5004DUK, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A5005CAX, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A5005HAX, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A5005KFG, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A5006SUS, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A5006VIX, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A5007APB, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A5007CPB, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A5008BSP, IDEAPAD 120S-14IAP 81A5008SAU, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A5008WPB, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A5009BMX, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A5009UMX, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A50044FR, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A50047UK, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A50058SA, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A50064HV, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A50068BM, IDEAPAD 120S-14IAP 81A50073AU, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A50078PB, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A50083MH, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A50084MH, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A50089RA, IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A50092MH, ideapad 130-14IKB 81H6001GUS, ideapad 130-14IKB 81H6001MID, ideapad 130-14IKB 81H6003UID, IDEAPAD 310 14, IDEAPAD 310 15, Ideapad 310 15 310-15ISK, Ideapad 310 15 Touch 310-15ISK, Ideapad 310 Touch-15IKB., IdeaPad 310-14IAP, IdeaPad 310-14IKB, IdeaPad 310-14ISK, IdeaPad 310-14ISK 80SL0061AU, IdeaPad 310-14ISK 80SL0062AU, IdeaPad 310-14ISK 80SL0065AU, IdeaPad 310-15ABR, IdeaPad 310-15IAP, IdeaPad 310-15IKB, IdeaPad 310-15ISK, IdeaPad 310-15ISK 80SM00TYAU, IdeaPad 310-15ISK 80SM00UHAU, IdeaPad 310-15ISK 80SM022EAU, ideapad 310S, ideapad 310S-11IAP, Ideapad 310S-14ISK 310S-14AST., IDEAPAD 310S 11, IdeaPad 320-14AST, ideapad 320-14AST 80XU001MAU, IdeaPad 320-14AST 80XU0034AU, IdeaPad 320-14AST 80XU0036AU, IdeaPad 320-15ABR, IdeaPad 320-15ABR(80XS00DVGE), IdeaPad 320-15ABR-80ST001SGE, IdeaPad 320-15ABR-80XS, IdeaPad 320-15ABR-80XS00B7GE, IdeaPad 320-15ABR-80XS0031GE, IdeaPad 320-15ABR-80XS007XGE, IdeaPad 320-15ABR-80XS009BGE, ideapad 320-15ABR 80XS00DJUS, Ideapad 320-15AST(80XV00C4FR), Ideapad 320-15AST(80XV00KUMH), Ideapad 320-15AST(80XV00KVMH), Ideapad 320-15AST(80XV00KWMH), ideapad 320-15AST 80XV00FPAU, IdeaPad 320-15AST 80XV00Q8AU, ideapad 320-15AST 80XV0082AU, Ideapad 320-15IAP, ideapad 320-15IAP 80XR0091AU, IdeaPad 320-15IKB, IdeaPad 320-15IKB(81BG00BTGE), ideapad 320-15IKB 80XL00D6AU, ideapad 320-15IKB 80XL00DFAU, ideapad 320-15IKB 80XL0057AU, ideapad 320-15IKB 80XL0067AU, ideapad 320-15IKB 80XL025WAU, ideapad 320-15IKB 81BG007PAU, IdeaPad 320-15IKBN, IdeaPad 320-15IKBN(80XL), IdeaPad 320-15IKBN(80XL00AVMZ), IdeaPad 320-15IKBN(80XL01NCGE), IdeaPad 320-15IKBN(80XL01NFGE), IdeaPad 320-15IKBN(80XL02U4SP), IdeaPad 320-15IKBN(80XL02XLGE), IdeaPad 320-15IKBN(80XL03F6GE), IdeaPad 320-15IKBN(80XL03FEGE), IdeaPad 320-15IKBN(80XL03FFGE), IdeaPad 320-15IKBN(80XL038VMZ), IdeaPad 320-15IKBN(80XL039RGE), IdeaPad 320-15IKBN(80XL039TGE), Ideapad 320-15IKBR, IdeaPad 320-15IKBRN, IdeaPad 320-15IKBRN 81BG001KGE, IdeaPad 320-15ISK, IdeaPad 320-15ISK(80XH00CQRU), IdeaPad 320-15ISK(80XH00E7RA), IdeaPad 320-15ISK(80XH00KTRK), IdeaPad 320-15ISK(80XH002HRU), IdeaPad 320-15ISK(80XH0027RU), IdeaPad 320-15ISK(80XH01JAGE), IdeaPad 320-15ISK(80XH01R3GE), IdeaPad 320-15ISK(80XH01R4GE), ideapad 320-15ISK 80XH00LMAU, ideapad 320-15ISK 80XH00LNAU, ideapad 320-15ISK 80XH00LRAU, ideapad 320-15ISK 80XH01GKIN, IdeaPad 320s-14IKB, IdeaPad 320S-15IKBR, Ideapad 330-15IKB(81DE00JEPH), IdeaPad 330-15IKB(81DE01G5GE), IdeaPad 330-15IKB(81DE01V5GE), IdeaPad 330-15IKB-81DC, Ideapad 330-15IKB-81DC00STTA, Ideapad 330-15IKB-81DC00SWGE, IdeaPad 330-15IKB-81DC001QGE, IdeaPad 330-15IKB-81DE, IdeaPad 330-15IKB-81DE00LLGE, IdeaPad 330-15IKB-81DE00LNGE, IdeaPad 330-15IKB-81DE01HDGE, IdeaPad 330-15IKB-81DE01MXGE, IdeaPad 330-15IKB-81DE01TEGE, Ideapad 330-15IKB-81DE014NIN, IdeaPad 330-15IKB 81DE00Q4AU, IdeaPad 330-15IKB 81DE00TNAU, Ideapad 330-15IKB 81DE00WRIN, IdeaPad 330-15IKB 81DE01QPAU, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DE01XATW, IdeaPad 330-15IKB 81DE016GHH, IdeaPad 330-15IKB Touch-81DH, IdeaPad 330-15IKB Touch-81DJ, Ideapad 510 15 510-15ISK 510-15IKB., IdeaPad 510-15IKB, IdeaPad 510-15ISK, IdeaPad 510-15ISK(80S700DEGE), IdeaPad 510-15ISK(80SR), IdeaPad 510-15ISK(80SR0009GE), IdeaPad 510-15ISK(80SR003EGE), IdeaPad 510-15ISK(80SR003HGE), IdeaPad 510-15ISK(80SR003JGE), Ideapad 510-15ISK-ISE, IdeaPad 510-15ISK 80SR00GPAU, IdeaPad 510-15ISK 80SR00GXAU, IdeaPad 510S-13IKB, Ideapad 510S-13ISK 80SJ004SAU, Ideapad 510S-13ISK 80SJZ27RWW, Ideapad 510S-14, Ideapad 510S-14IKB, Ideapad 510S-14ISK, IdeaPad 510S-14ISK 80TK0039AU, Ideapad 510S 13 510S-13ISK, Ideapad 510s 14 510S-14ISK, Ideapad 520, IdeaPad 520-15IKB, ideapad 520-15IKB 80YL00JXAU, IdeaPad 520s-14IKB, IdeaPad 700S-14ISK, IdeaPad 710S, Ideapad 710S-13, IdeaPad 710S-13IKB, Ideapad 710S-13ISK, IdeaPad 710S-13ISK(80SW), IdeaPad 710S-13ISK 80SW008LAU, IDEAPAD 710S 13, Ideapad 710S 13 710S-13IKB., Ideapad 710S Plus-13ISK, IdeaPad 720s, IdeaPad D330-10IGM, IdeaPad D330-10IGM 81H300CCAU, IdeaPad D330-10IGM 81H3003MAU, IdeaPad D330-10IGM 81H3003NAU, IdeaPad Flex 3 11IGL05 82B2000NID, IdeaPad Flex 3 11IGL05 82B2000XAU, IdeaPad Flex 3 11IGL05 82B2000YAU, IdeaPad Flex 3 11IGL05 82B2001KAU, IdeaPad Flex 3 11IGL05 82B2001WIV, IdeaPad Flex 3 11IGL05 82B2001YIV, IdeaPad Flex 3 11IGL05 82B2002DID, IdeaPad Flex 3 11IGL05 82B2003LUS, IdeaPad Flex 3 11IGL05 82B2004EGE, IdeaPad Flex 3 11IGL05 82B20003US, IdeaPad Flex 3 11IGL05 82B20005US, IdeaPad Flex 3 11IGL05 82B20023IV, IdeaPad Flex 3 11IGL05 82B20030MH, IdeaPad Flex 3 11IGL05 82B20036AX, IdeaPad Flex 3 11IGL05 82B20042MJ, IdeaPad Flex 3 11IGL05 82B20048CK, IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE000CGE, IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE000JSP, IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE000QGE, IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE0001AU, IdeaPad Miix 510-12IKB 80XE0004AU, IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE0006SP, IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE001BUK, IdeaPad MIIX 510-12IKB 80XE003GAU, IdeaPad MIIX 510-12ISK 80U1S00500, IdeaPad MIIX 510-12ISK 80U1004EAU, IdeaPad MIIX 510-12ISK 80U1004FAU, IdeaPad MIIX 510-12ISK 80U1006EUS, IdeaPad Miix 520-12IKB(81CG01GKGE), IdeaPad Miix 520-12IKB 81CG00NCUS, IdeaPad Miix 520-12IKB 81CG019JUS, IdeaPad Miix 520-12IKB 81CG019KUS, IDEAPAD S130-14IGM 81J2001HAU, IDEAPAD S130-14IGM 81J2001NAU, Ideapad S145, Ideapad S145 15, IdeaPad S145-14API(81UV), IdeaPad S145-14API(81UV0061GE), IdeaPad S145-14AST(81ST), IdeaPad S145-14AST(81ST002AGE), ideapad S145-14AST 81ST004XAU, ideapad S145-14AST 81ST0044AU, IdeaPad S145-14IGM(81MW), IdeaPad S145-14IGM(81SB), ideapad S145-14IGM 81MW002BAU, IdeaPad S145-14IIL(81W6), IdeaPad S145-14IKB(81VB), IdeaPad S145-14IWL(81MU), IdeaPad S145-14IWL(81MU00E9MZ), IdeaPad S145-14IWL(81MU00FAGE), IdeaPad S145-14IWL(81MU00FDGE), IdeaPad S145-14IWL(81MU0089GE), ideapad S145-14IWL 81MU00HMAU, ideapad S145-14IWL 81MU0069AU, IdeaPad S145-15API(81UT), IdeaPad S145-15API(81UT00B3MZ), IdeaPad S145-15API(81UT00BKGE), IdeaPad S145-15API(81UT00CFGE), IdeaPad S145-15API(81UT00DBGE), IdeaPad S145-15API(81UT003EIX), IdeaPad S145-15API(81UT007EGE), IdeaPad S145-15API(81V7), Ideapad S145-15API 81UT00DYMB, IdeaPad S145-15API 81UT00FJRE, Ideapad S145-15API 81UT00HNRA, IdeaPad S145-15API 81UT00LJUS, IdeaPad S145-15API 81UT00LVCK, IdeaPad S145-15AST(81N3), IdeaPad S145-15AST(81N300AEGE), IdeaPad S145-15AST(81N300F6GE), IdeaPad S145-15AST(81N30042GE), IdeaPad S145-15AST(81N30058GE), ideapad S145-15AST 81N300AUAU, ideapad S145-15AST 81N3002EAU, ideapad S145-15AST 81N3002RAU, IdeaPad S145-15AST 81N30043AU, IdeaPad S145-15AST 81N30044AU, IdeaPad S145-15IGM(81MX), IdeaPad S145-15IGM(81MX000MUK), IdeaPad S145-15IGM(81MX003AGE), IdeaPad S145-15IGM(81WT), IdeaPad S145-15IIL(81W8), IdeaPad S145-15IIL(81W800BMGE), IdeaPad S145-15IIL(81W800HAGE, IdeaPad S145-15IIL(81W80063GE), IdeaPad S145-15IKB(81VD/81XM), IdeaPad S145-15IWL(81MV/81S9), IdeaPad S145-15IWL(81MV00B6GE), IdeaPad S145-15IWL(81MV00GHGE), IdeaPad S145-15IWL(81MV001AGE), IdeaPad S145-15IWL(81MV01DYGE), IdeaPad S145-15IWL(81MV014QGE), ideapad S145-15IWL 81MV000CAU, ideapad S145-15IWL 81MV004NAU, IdeaPaf S145-15IIL(81W800JJGE), L3-15IML05-81Y3CTO1WW, Miix 510, Miix 510 Pro, SA10M42697, V15 G1 IML, V15 G1 IML 82NB001AUK, V15 IML 82NB001BCK, V15 IML 82NB001ERU, V15 IML 82NB001GRA, V15 IML 82NB0010CK, V15 IML 82NB0019IX, V15 IML 82NB002RUS, V15 IML 82NB002TUS, V15 IML 82NB0021RA, V15 IML 82NB003LGE, V15 IML 82NB003LUK, V15-IML 82NB0013CK, V15-IML 82NB003NPB, V15-IML 82NB0044GE, V15-IWL 81YE009RAU, V15-IWL 81YE009TAU, V15-IWL 81YE009UAU, V145-15AST 81MT001JAU, V145-15AST 81MT004RAU, V145-15AST 81MT0047AU, V145-15AST 81MT005CAU, V145-15AST 81MT006EAU, V320-17IKB, XIAOXIN 310, XIAOXIN AIR 12, xiaoxin Air 13, XIAOXIN AIR 15, YOGA 310, Yoga 310-11IAP-80U2, Yoga 310-11IAP-80U2001AHH, Yoga 310-11IAP-80U2001HPH, YOGA 310-11IAP-80U2006HSP, Yoga 310-11IAP-80U20042GE, Yoga 310-11IAP 80U200A1PB, YOGA 310-11IAP 80U2001NAU, YOGA 310-11IAP 80U2002BAU, YOGA 310-11IAP 80U2002EAU, YOGA 310-11IAP 80U2002GAU, YOGA 310-11IAP 80U2002VAU, YOGA 310-11IAP 80U2002YAU, YOGA 310-11IAP 80U2003FAU, Yoga 310-11IAP 80U2003QUK, Yoga 310-11IAP 80U2004JPH, Yoga 310-11IAP 80U2004KTW, Yoga 310-11IAP 80U2005FPB, YOGA 310-11IAP 80U2006FSP, YOGA 310-11IAP 80U2006KAU, Yoga 310-11IAP 80U2008DPB, YOGA 310-11IAP 80U2009WGE, YOGA 310-11IAP 80U20005AU, YOGA 310-11IAP 80U20016TW, YOGA 310-11IAP 80U20019AU, YOGA 310-11IAP 80U20034AU, Yoga 310-11IAP 80U20041MH, YOGA 310-11IAP 80U20046AU, Yoga 310-11IAP 80U20062PH, YOGA 310-11IAP 80U20066CK, Yoga 310-11IAP 80U20067CK, Yoga 310-11IAP 80U20072CK, YOGA 310-14, Yoga 330-11IGM, Yoga 330-11IGM-81A6, Yoga 330-11IGM-81A6001MGE, Yoga 330-11IGM-81A6001NGE, Yoga 330-11IGM-81A6001PGE, Yoga 330-11IGM-81A6005QGE, Yoga 330-11IGM-81A6005UGE, Yoga 330-11IGM-81A60058MZ, YOGA 510, Yoga 510 11., Yoga 510 14 510-14AST, Yoga 510 14 510-14IKB, Yoga 510 14 510-14ISK., Yoga 510 15 510-15IKB., Yoga 510 15 510-15ISK, YOGA 510-14, Yoga 510-14AST, Yoga 510-14AST(80S9), Yoga 510-14AST(80S9000LGE), Yoga 510-14AST(80S9002MGE), Yoga 510-14AST(80S90030GE), Yoga 510-14IKB, Yoga 510-14IKB(80VB), Yoga 510-14IKB(80VB004RMJ), Yoga 510-14IKB(80VB005LGE), Yoga 510-14IKB(80VB0059PB), Yoga 510-14IKB(80VB006NGE), Yoga 510-14IKB(80VB008NGE), Yoga 510-14IKB(80VB008PGE), Yoga 510-14IKB(80VB0081GE), Yoga 510-14IKB-80VB004DGE, YOGA510-14ISK, Yoga 510-14isk, Yoga 510-15IKB, YOGA 510-15ISK, Yoga 520-14IKB, Yoga 520-14IKB(80X8/80YM), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X8/81C8/80YM), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800JKGE), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800KHGE), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800MGGE), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800MHGE), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800RDGE), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800REGE), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800RGGE), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800RHGE), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800RJGE), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800WVGE), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800YVGE), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800YXGE), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X8001TGE), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X8009AGE), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X8009BGE), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X8009DGE), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X8009FGE), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X8009GGE), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X80097GE), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X80098GE), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X80099GE), Yoga 520-14IKB(80X80166GE), Yoga 520-14IKB(81C8), Yoga 520-14IKB(81C800H1GE), Yoga 520-14IKB(81C800H2GE), Yoga 520-14IKB(81C8007SGE), Yoga 520-14IKB(81C8007TGE), Yoga 520-14IKB(81C8007UGE), Yoga 520-14IKB(81C8007VGE), Yoga 520-14IKB(81C8008BMZ), Yoga 520-14IKB-80X8006KSP, Yoga 520-14IKB-81C8001DGE, Yoga 520-14IKBR, Yoga 520-14IKBR(81C8), Yoga 520-14IKBR(81C8007SGE), Yoga 520-14IKBR(81C8007TGE), Yoga 520-14IKBR(81C8007UGE), Yoga 520-14IKBR(81C8007VGE), Yoga 520-14IKBR(81C8008BMZ), Yoga 520-14IKB Type 81C8, YOGA 710, YOGA 710 11, Yoga 710 11 710-11IKB, Yoga 710 11 710-11ISK., YOGA 710 14, Yoga 710 14 710-14IKB., Yoga 710 14 710-14ISK, YOGA 710 15, Yoga 710 15 710-15IKB., Yoga 710 15 710-15ISK, Yoga 710-11, Yoga 710-11IKB, Yoga 710-11IKB(80V6), Yoga 710-11IKB(80V6000PUS), Yoga 710-11IKB(80V6000VGE), Yoga 710-11IKB(80V6001RGE), Yoga 710-11IKB(80V60009CK), Yoga 710-11IKB-Type 80V6, Yoga 710-11IKB-Type 80V6000PUS, YOGA 710-11IKB 80V60013AU, YOGA 710-11IKB 80V60014AU, Yoga 710-11ISK, Yoga 710-11ISK(80TX), Yoga 710-11ISK(80TX000DGE), Yoga 710-11ISK(80TX000FGE), YOGA 710-13, Yoga 710-14IKB, Yoga 710-14IKB(80V4), Yoga 710-14IKB(80V4002VGE), Yoga 710-14IKB(80V4004RSP), Yoga 710-14IKB(80V4005YGE), Yoga 710-14IKB(80V4006GGE), Yoga 710-14IKB(80V40049MH), Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4002HGE, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4002JGE, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4003ARA, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4003RPB, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4004BGE, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4004JGE, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4004KGE, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4004NMH, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4006FGE, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V40000HH, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V40001HH, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V40034RA, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V40036RA, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V40048MH, Yoga 710-14ISK, Yoga 710-14ISK(80TY), Yoga 710-14ISK(80TY000KMH), Yoga 710-14ISK(80TY001NMB), Yoga 710-14ISK(80TY005CMH), YOGA 710-14ISK-IFI, YOGA 710-14ISK-ISE, Yoga 710-14ISK 80TY000QGE, Yoga 710-14ISK 80TY000RGE, Yoga 710-14ISK 80TY000SGE, Yoga 710-14ISK 80TY000TGE, Yoga 710-14ISK 80TY003GCK, Yoga 710-14ISK 80TY003HCK, Yoga 710-15IKB, Yoga 710-15IKB(80V5), Yoga 710-15IKB(80V5000JRK), Yoga 710-15IKB(80V50000US), Yoga 710-15IKB(80V50009US), YOGA 710-15IKB 80V50010US, Yoga 710-15ISK, Yoga 710-15ISK(80U0), Yoga 710-15ISK(80U0000HRA), Yoga 710-15ISK(80U00005US), Yoga 710-15ISK(80U00006US), Yoga 710-15ISK 80U00000US, Yoga 710-15ISK 80U00004US, Yoga 710-15ISK 80U00007CF, Yoga 710-15ISK 80U00009C, Yoga 720-12IKB, Yoga 720-12IKB(81B5), Yoga 720-12IKB(81B5001BGE), Yoga 720-12IKB(81B5001CGE), Yoga 720-12IKB(81B5004TGE), Yoga 720-12IKB(81B5005PMZ), Yoga 720-12IKB(81B50057GE), YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000ERU, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000Fru, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000GUS, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000HUS, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000JUS, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000KUS, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000LCK, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000MFR, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000NFR, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000PFR, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000QFR, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5000RFR, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001ASC, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001DMX, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001EMX, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001FMX, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001GMX, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001HUS, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001LSA, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001MSA, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001NSA, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001PSA, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001QSA, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001RSA, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001SSA, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001TSA, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001UAD, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001VAD, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001WAD, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001XAD, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5001YAD, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002AAX, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002BED, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002CAX, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002DAX, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002EAX, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002FED, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002GED, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002HED, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002JED, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002KED, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002LED, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002MFE, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002NFE, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002PFE, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002QFE, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002RFE, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002SFE, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002TFE, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002UFG, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002VFE, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002WFG, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002XFG, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5002YFG, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003AUE, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003BUE, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003EAU, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003FBM, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003GBM, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003HBM, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003JSP, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003KSP, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003LSP, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003PUS, Yoga 720-12IKB-81B5003QUS, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003RUS, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003SCF, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003TAU, Yoga 720-12IKB-81B5003US, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003USP, Yoga 720-12IKB-81B5003VSP, Yoga 720-12IKB-81B5003WSP, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003XUK, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5003YUK, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004BMX, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004CIV, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004DIV, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004EIV, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004FIV, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004GIV, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004HIV, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004JIV, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004KIV, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004LRK, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004MRK, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004NRK, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004PRK, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004QPB, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004RPB, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004URI, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004VRI, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004WRI, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004XRI, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5004YRI, Yoga 720-12IKB-81B5005ASP, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5005BSP, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5005CFE, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5005DGM, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5005ERU, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5005Fru, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5005GUS, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5005HUS, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5005NMZ, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5005RMX, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B5005SMX, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50017CK, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50018CK, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50019CK, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50020AD, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50021AD, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50022AD, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50023AX, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50024AX, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50025AX, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50026ED, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50027AX, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50028AX, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50029AX, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50030FG, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50031FG, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50032FG, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50033FG, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50034UE, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50035UE, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50036UE, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50038UE, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50040UK, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50041UK, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50042UK, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50043UK, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50044UK, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50045UK, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50046UK, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50047UK, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50049UK, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50058SP, YOGA 720-12IKB-81B50059SP, Yoga 720-13IKB, Yoga 720-13IKB(80X600G7GE), Yoga 720-13IKB(80X600G8GE), Yoga 720-13IKB(80X600G9GE), Yoga 720-13IKB(80X600GAGE), Yoga 720-13IKB(80X6001GFR), Yoga 720-13IKB(80X6009AGE), Yoga 720-13IKB(80X60095GE), Yoga 720-13IKB(80X60096GE), Yoga 720-13IKB(80X60097GE), Yoga 720-13IKB(80X60098GE), Yoga 720-13IKB(80X60099GE), Yoga 720-13IKB(81C3), Yoga 720-13IKB(81C3002JGE), Yoga 720-13IKB(81C3002KGE), Yoga 720-13IKB(81C3002LGE), Yoga 720-13IKB(81C3002MGE), Yoga 720-13IKB(81C3002NGE), Yoga 720-13IKB(81C3002PGE), Yoga 720-13IKB(81C3006TMZ), Yoga 720-13IKB(81C3008MGE), Yoga 720-13IKB(81C3008NGE), Yoga 720-13IKB(81C30060GE), Yoga 720-13IKB(81C30061GE), Yoga 720-13IKB(81C30062GE), Yoga 720-13IKB 80X6, Yoga 720-13IKB 80X6001QGE, Yoga 720-13IKB 80X6001RGE, Yoga 720-13IKB 80X6001SGE, Yoga 720-13IKB 80X6001TGE, YOGA 720-13IKB 80X6004HHH, Yoga 720-13IKB 80X60050GE, Yoga C640 13IML 81UE000EAU, Yoga C640 13IML 81UE0013AU, Yoga C640 13IML 81UE0014AU, Yoga C640 13IML 81UECTO1WW, Yoga C640 13IML 81XL000EAU, Yoga C640 13IML 81XL0000AU, Yoga C640 13IML 81XL0001AU, Yoga C640 13IML 81XL0004AU
  • Model: 1061786-106114-2
  • 1000 Units in Stock
  • Pertain to: LENOVO Accessory

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