L15M4PC2, L15L4PC2, 5B10K90802, 5B10K90778, 2ICP6/64/71-2, 7.6V 53Wh batteries

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Brand new L15M4PC2, L15L4PC2, 5B10K90802, 5B10K90778, 2ICP6/64/71-2, original 4 cells laptop batteries

  • Voltage: 7.6V
  • Capacity: 6960mAh (53Wh)
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Color: black
  • Warranty: 12 months
This item can replace the following models:
2ICP6/64/71-2, 5B10K90778, 5B10K90802, L15L4PC2, L15M4PC2
This item is suitable for the following models:
Ideapad Yoga 710-14IKB, Ideapad Yoga 710-14ISK, Ideapad Yoga 710-15IKB, Ideapad Yoga 710-15ISK, YG 710-14IKB I5 8G 128 10H 80V4001SAU, YG 710-14IKB I5 8G 256 10H 80V4001VAU, YG 710-14IKB I7 8G 256 10H 80V4001TAU, YG 710-14IKB I7 8G 256 10H 80V4001UAU, YG 710-14IKB I7 8G 256 10P 80V40054AU, YG 710-14ISK I5 4G 128 10H-80TY0059AU, YG 710-14ISK I5 8G 128 10H-80TY0064AU, YG 710-14ISK I7 8G 256 10H-80TY006AAU, YG 710-14ISK I7 8G 256 10H-80TY0065AU, YG 710-15IKB I7 16G 512G 10H-80V50005AU, Yoga 710(15 Inch), YOGA 710-14, Yoga 710-14IKB, Yoga 710-14IKB(80V4), Yoga 710-14IKB(80V4002VGE), Yoga 710-14IKB(80V4004RSP), Yoga 710-14IKB(80V4005GMB), Yoga 710-14IKB(80V4005YGE), Yoga 710-14IKB(80V4006GGE), Yoga 710-14IKB(80V40049MH), Yoga 710-14IKB(80V40081LM), Yoga 710-14IKB 80TX000AUS, Yoga 710-14IKB 80TX000BUS, Yoga 710-14IKB 80TX000CUS, Yoga 710-14IKB 80TX000PUS, Yoga 710-14IKB 80TX000TCF, Yoga 710-14IKB 80TX000UCF, Yoga 710-14IKB 80TX000VCF, Yoga 710-14IKB 80TX0007US, Yoga 710-14IKB 80TY000AIV, Yoga 710-14IKB 80TY000BIV, Yoga 710-14IKB 80TY000KMH, Yoga 710-14IKB 80TY0000UK, Yoga 710-14IKB 80TY0007MZ, Yoga 710-14IKB 80TY0009US, Yoga 710-14IKB 80TY001HCF, Yoga 710-14IKB 80TY001JCF, Yoga 710-14IKB 80TY001KCF, Yoga 710-14IKB 80TY0014US, Yoga 710-14IKB 80TY0015US, Yoga 710-14IKB 80TY002QTX, Yoga 710-14IKB 80TY002RRK, Yoga 710-14IKB 80TY003PRA, Yoga 710-14IKB 80TY0031TA, Yoga 710-14IKB 80U0000ACF, Yoga 710-14IKB 80U00000US, Yoga 710-14IKB 80U00002US, Yoga 710-14IKB 80U00004US, Yoga 710-14IKB 80U00005US, Yoga 710-14IKB 80U00006US, Yoga 710-14IKB 80U00007CF, Yoga 710-14IKB 80U00008CF, Yoga 710-14IKB 80U00009CF, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4000GUS, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4001DCK, YOGA 710-14IKB 80V4001SAU, YOGA 710-14IKB 80V4001TAU, YOGA 710-14IKB 80V4001UAU, YOGA 710-14IKB 80V4001VAU, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4002DIX, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4002HGE, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4002JGE, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4002NCD, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4003ARA, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4003RPB, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4004BGE, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4004JGE, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4004KGE, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4004NMH, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4006FGE, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4006HFR, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V5000XCF, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V40000HH, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V40001HH, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V40023US, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V40034RA, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V40036RA, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V40048MH, YOGA 710-14IKB 80V40054AU, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V40066FR, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V40067FR, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V40068FR, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V50000US, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V50009US, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V50010US, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V50016US, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V50017US, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V50018US, Yoga 710-14IKB Laptop(ideapad)-Type 80V4, Yoga 710-14ISK, Yoga 710-14ISK(80TY), Yoga 710-14ISK(80TY000KMH), Yoga 710-14ISK(80TY001NMB), Yoga 710-14ISK(80TY005CMH), YOGA 710-14ISK-IFI, YOGA 710-14ISK-ISE, Yoga 710-14ISK 80TY000QGE, Yoga 710-14ISK 80TY000RGE, Yoga 710-14ISK 80TY000SGE, Yoga 710-14ISK 80TY000TGE, Yoga 710-14ISK 80TY003GCK, Yoga 710-14ISK 80TY003HCK, Yoga 710-14ISK Laptop(ideapad)-Type 80TY, Yoga 710-15IKB, Yoga 710-15IKB(80V5), Yoga 710-15IKB(80V5000JRK), Yoga 710-15IKB(80V50000US), Yoga 710-15IKB(80V50009US), Yoga 710-15IKB(80V50018US), Yoga 710-15IKB-Type 80V5, Yoga 710-15IKB-Type 80V50009US, Yoga 710-15IKB-Type 80V50010US, YOGA 710-15IKB 80V50005AU, YOGA 710-15IKB 80V50010US, Yoga 710-15IKB Laptop(ideapad)-Type 80V5, Yoga 710-15ISK, Yoga 710-15ISK(80U0), Yoga 710-15ISK(80U0000HRA), Yoga 710-15ISK(80U00005US), Yoga 710-15ISK(80U00006US), Yoga 710-15ISK(80UD01AMGE), Yoga 710-15ISK(80V50010US), Yoga 710-15ISK 80U00000US, Yoga 710-15ISK 80U00004US, Yoga 710-15ISK 80U00007CF, Yoga 710-15ISK 80U00009C, Yoga 710-15ISK Laptop(ideapad)-Type 80U0
  • Model: 1004294-100114-1
  • 998 Units in Stock
  • Pertain to: LENOVO Accessory

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